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September 19, 2018
Despite an interesting premise involving a telekinetic woman, everything here seems to be on automatic pilot, with this being just another lazy, brainless and colossally awful sequel that has nothing of the cleverness and wit found in the series' previous installment.
½ August 10, 2018
Painfully boring, emotionally leaden, and stupidly self-serious, this one sags with self-importance while at the same time it lacks the imagination to truly take off where it counts.
½ July 31, 2018
Kane Hodder introduces the "heavy breathing". Enough said. Great shot and detail of Jason's face during the final scene. Couple of great jump scares and booby shots for the male horror fan!
June 24, 2018
A very strange installment, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is nonetheless entertaining. Jason is awesome, the kills are neat (even though the constant censoring kind of hurt most of them), and the final act is god damn amazing (even if a bit ridiculous). Overall, not a bad installment by any means.
½ June 2, 2018
Some interesting characters , but great kills and first Kane Hodder movie . Best looking Jason .
April 23, 2018
My favourite movie in the franchise, believe it or not. Cool looking Jason, Kane Hodder's first appearance as Jason and an enjoyable plot to this weird and wacky movie. A girl with telekinesis and a very stupid ending that I liked. The only downside was the kills. Some were poorly made and zoomed in on some sort of close-up right when Jason's weapon sank into the victim. Not all the kills were bad though! The sleeping bag kill was by far the best, and the party horn is a close second.
½ April 13, 2018
It's not the best Friday the 13th sequel, but it's also not the worst. The New Blood shows us what a Jason vs Carrie fight could be like, even if the girl is a different character. Kane Hodder is also great as Jason. Sadly, all the other teenagers were so unmemorable they may as well have not had names. Additionally, most of the kills are heavily censored, although that does make one or two of the better, making for an uneven and mediocre entry in the franchise.
February 11, 2018
Perfectly fine 80s flick
February 6, 2018
The very lowest point of the series, even worse than 2 and 5 (But i'm one one of those who really digs 9 and 3 so who knows)
½ December 31, 2017
A bit of a dud. Raking over all ground but throwing in a supernatural twist just seems forced.
Basically Carrie vs Jason and it's about as good as it sounds.
Always an inventive kill and the sleeping bag is one to remember.
Kane Hodder is a more physical Jason and is probably the best thing in this...
December 3, 2017
one of the better ones of the series!!!!! of course after part 6 being a big success, part 7 had to up its game, and come back bigger and stronger and it did, know a lot of peeps, put this in the middle of the list of rankings, i would put it, in the top 5, i know there are many flaws in this film, but behind that, is a well done masterpiece, oh and i like how they wanted to make something different, 7.5/10 !!!
November 29, 2017
The Friday the 13th Franchise can be best described as one idea, "It's a horror movie." As such, it should be a crime to take the movie too seriously. These movies are best watched as a source of mindless, slashing entertainment and not as some deep and complex story with hidden morals. So, if you're into a story that is filled with speculation and underlying themes, then this series may not be for you. In the 7th installment of the series, it should be wise for the filmmakers to come up with new ideas to keep the film fresh, so why not have our favorite slasher villain, Jason Voorhees, fight someone with telekinesis? This concept brings a fresh take on the series as it introduces more supernatural elements. While the previous film resurrected Jason from the grave, that was only the beginning for this new trend that the franchise introduced. The series has had many ups and downs throughout the years, which each film scoring differently with audiences and critics alike. Albeit this film is far from the worst in the franchise, it truly has one of the blandest and unoriginal endings of the series that feels like the film falls flat at the end. Despite its flaws, it's still just a horror movie that should only be watched when you just want some entertainment to pass the time.
October 30, 2017
I had somewhat enjoyed the previous 3 films but now the franchise is heading back down in quality. As everyone has said this is basically Carrie vs Jason which is not a terrible idea for a film. There were some parts that were interesting and I actually liked the look of Jason in this film about the best. Unfortunately the writing, directing and acting took huge steps backwards to almost laughable quality. Certainly not the worst film in the franchise but not one that I particularly enjoyed.
October 22, 2017
This seventh Friday The 13TH is essentially Jason vs Carrie, as Jason faces off against a troubled telekinetic girl in the most supernatural tinged entry so far, and how could you not be won over by such a ridiculous concept. This is definately the true turning point into more cartoonish outlandishness that would define the series later on, and despite it's terrible reputation and heavily compromised lack of gore, this is actually fucking great silly, cheesy fun, especially as there's an undeniably ludicrous entertainment value to seeing a hot girl chuck all sorts of shit at Jason with her mind, their last face off particularly is loads of fun. Once again the characters and performances are hilariously awful, and there is a complete lack of invention and (despite the title) actual blood in the death scenes (the only highlight is the axe in the head of the main queen bitch of the movie, and even thats only because you fucking hate her) this film being as it was a victim of a sudden crackdown on and heavy monitoring of rampant, graphic cinematic violence in the late 80's. The MPAA had a bit of a vendetta against the Friday movies in the 80's but here they were real fucking dicks, less surgically and more butcher shop style chopping out almost any trace of the insanely over the top and innovative deaths they shot for this movie, in fact the full versions of these incredible gore explosions now only exist in vhs form in the studio vaults and can be glimpsed in the great documentary "Crystal Lake Memories: The History Of Friday The 13TH, otherwise it's pretty certain we wont be seeing a fully uncut version of this film possibly ever, which is a tragic loss to horror cinema and serves to ultimately neuter this movie in a hugely frustrating, depriving us of the main money shot moments we crave with such films. But like i mentioned before, the last third of the movie is totally nuts and more than makes up for the lack of actual gore, with some inventive, genuinely impressive and ambitious effects, the final battle between Tina and Jason is gloriously deranged b-movie brilliance, with the telekinetic girl throwing everything from nails to a plant pot with a severed head in (yep) at Jason. This is often not everyone's definition of a good movie exactly, but with the right group of people and a few drinks and some junk food it might as well be Citizen Cane for how much fucking stupid fun it is.
October 21, 2017
The New Blood doesn?t offer loads new to the franchise, but it doesn?t fail to entertain either.
October 21, 2017
Friday The 13th Part VII The New Blood: Everything you would expect from the 7th installment from the Friday the 13th franchise. Even if the 7th movie takes admirable chances they sadly do not all pay off.
½ October 19, 2017
I liked the heroine story of the film, had a different, fresh take on the series.
October 19, 2017
If a dream match was ever to be put in place, then it had to be a Jason Vs Carrie, and a well played out matchup it was. However, Tina Shepard doesn't have a heavily religious mother and earth shattering abilities. In fact, her mother is more towards the norm making Tina less uncanny. Possibly the best of the series with the best actor to portray the hockey masked killer.
October 9, 2017
Not a big fan of this entry for some reason.
August 30, 2017
Jason vs. a telepathic teen. It's about as good as you would expect it to be, which is to say not very. The characters are uninteresting, and the deaths/kills are unimpressive (except for one that involves a saw). This was Kane Hodder's first appearance as Jason, but that's not reason enough to sit through this cliche'd, dull, bland, boring mess. Stay away
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