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July 24, 2016
A pretty great remake, thanks to the handling of the material and great cast. Gives bite to vampire genre again, which is needed these days. Also enjoy that is not a shot-for-shot remake. The only quarrel I have with the movie is the terrible CGI. Was totally unnecessary.
½ July 21, 2016
An underrated remake that actually surpasses the original. It's a fun time
½ July 21, 2016
The problem with this movie is the setting makes it very difficult to pull off this plot, almost too difficult to the point of cheesy and clichà (C). They should have set it in a Northern U.S., country town where the houses are more spread out. The creepiness of the forest would have played more to the tune of this movie. It's Jennifer's Body all over again. The only redeeming quality I could find to it was McLovin's character and Anton Yelchin's blassà (C) character. I stopped this movie 30 minutes in and that's after I fast forwarded a bit and paused a bunch to do other things.
½ July 17, 2016
Not as good as the original, but still entertaining. It's at times very violent, but then it is a vampire movie, so I guess that should be expected.
½ July 15, 2016
A nice update to the 1986 classic with modern twists that make it as enjoyable as the first movie.
July 13, 2016
Entertaining, funny, campy and creepy at times, this remake gives a better name to vampires in the modern era. However, it's difficult to say how this version will fare over time because of its lackluster special effects as opposed to the original's charming practical effects.
June 30, 2016
I think this film much like The Lost Boys has got the balance between comedy and horror just right.
A lot of vampire films tend to take themselves too seriously. Others just go for really over the top action like Blade and Underworld.
Colin Farrell plays the part of the vampire very well. Especially in the sense that you like him even though he's the villain. Much in the same way I liked Kiefer Sutherland's David in The Lost Boys.
Overall I enjoyed this enough to want to see it on more than one occasion. An achievement not many modern day vampire flicks can (Twilight of course is included in this).

Having seen the original, I like this even more than I did the first time I saw it. The original is nowhere near as good. Also kudos to David Tennants performance.
½ June 26, 2016
Although "Fright Night" is one of the better remake. However, just like the other ones, a unecessary remake.
June 20, 2016
The remake was wonderful. A very good story. Excellent retold vampire story. Loved it. It was especially wonderful in 3-D. It still looks good without the 3-D. It's a awesome vampire movie.
June 19, 2016
Ao contrário do que é habitual com "remakes", o material de origem é usado e actualizado de forma inteligente, tirando partido do talento de Colin Farrell para este tipo de papel. Fright Night mostra que revitalizar uma ideia pode dar um bom filme nas mãos certas.
June 10, 2016
This is a great movie. Its a remake to the 1985 original and while its a bit of an unnecessary remake I welcome its existence upon the few great remakes. The movie has a great tone and feel to it as well as a great setting being set in a small town. A fun movie with funny moments and great vampire horror and suspense was well as great performances by Colin Farrell, David Tennant and Anton Yelchin make this a worth while movie experience. Great movie to watch on halloween.
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½ June 3, 2016
Doesn't really add anything to the original, but I've seen far worse horror remakes in my time.
April 27, 2016
What do you get when your remake an average vampire film? Another average vampire film. Fright Night did not even need to be remade as it was not that great to begin with.
April 13, 2016
Hollywood killed one of my childhood favorite horror films frown emoticon I held off on checking out this remake because nobody wanted to go see it with me (5 years ago). What a horrible selection of actors to replace the original characters. Replacing Evil Ed with the dork from Superbad and turning Peter Vincent into some young drunk egotistical playboy? Not even Colin Farrell was good as Jerry. He tried too hard to copy the original character's suaveness and made himself look like an idiot. They also got rid of the brother vampire. I can rant on and on about all the flaws in this.
March 29, 2016
Pretty Much the Perfect Vampire Flic
The easiest way to sum up this film, is that in a time of Twilight and Underworld, its refreshing to see a Vampire film return to its more traditional lore. I found myself enjoying every minute. Its not often you see a film in which all actors are able to play their part, but I was never once annoyed by poorly delivered lines, due in part to the great directing. A fun indy sound track keeps things fresh, but it stays very true to the original film without being a carbon copy. One of my favorite things was the actors; I cant stress enough how much I dislike Colin Farrel, but he did so well, I am now a believer. As for Yelchin, I've yet to see him in a bad role. Even the supporting cast was stunning. Visually the film stayed believable until one sequence at the end where there was entirely too much CG, but it still wasn't awful. Over all, it was creepy, tense, funny, and suspenseful. It is a definite must see, and the best start to the years horror line up. Fans of the original and new ones alike will be able to enjoy this one!
½ March 22, 2016
A completely unnecessary, dumbed down and poorly modernized version of the superior 1985 flick. The result is the most average thing imaginable.
March 18, 2016
Just watched this film again tonight. Great remake. Just the right blend of scary, suspenseful and funny. Colin Farrell is perfectly menacing as the vamp and Tennet brings humor. Better than the original.
March 10, 2016
Not bad for a remake.
½ March 1, 2016
A fresh bit of the 80's

Cursed, campy, dated, superfluous and plagued by bad reviews, "Remake" in Hollywood has become word that-must-not-be-used; especially when attached to one of the most flogged to death cinematic concepts of the day Vampires.

That said Australian-born Director Craig Gillespie has paid ironic homage to Todd Holland's 1985's iconic horror meets humour "Fright Night". The blend of self-referential mocking, legitimately chilling sequences and premise improvement not only stands apart from the rehash pack but might actually be superior to its predecessor.

In a nondescript pop-up suburban neighbourhood far from the bright lights of downtown Las Vegas, recently deemed cool teenager Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) and his real estate peddling divorcée mother Jane (Toni Collette) muddle over the bizarre vibes of their new neighbour Jerry (Collin Farrell).

Not the ideal neighbour, Jerry's windows are blackened out, he has an unsightly dumpster full of debris from interior renovations on his drive and never leaves the house before dusk. But hey, it's Vegas, the city of night and a self-described "transient community"; seems reasonable enough.

Until Charlie's before-cool dweeby best friend Ed (Christpher Mintz-Plasse) convinces him otherwise; claiming that the disappearances of school classmates is the direct work of Jerry, a non-threateningly named but no-less lethal vampire.

Disregarding Ed as "watching too many movies", Charlie quickly begins to suspect foul play when not only Ed go missing, but so does the bored bloodsuckers nightly visitors. Monitoring his movements, Charlie investigates by breaking into his house using a useful app "how to pick a lock" only to uncover a saw-like closet dungeon where Jerry houses his live victims for convenient draining.

Unable to convince his mum and sexy girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots) of the danger, Charlie reluctantly enlists help from casino headliner Peter Vincent (Doctor Who's David Tennant). A complete fake on stage as an eccentric rocker come Criss Angel magician, off Vincent is a snooty alcohol swilling but bonafide vampire guru complete with a penthouse museum full of memorabilia, relics and genuine sorcery.

Returning to the eerie isolation of his barren desert home with an arsenal of weapons and some general vampire knowledge, Charlie is determined to destroy the powerful Jerry. But Jerry's having the time of his 400 year old life and adding to his undead ranks. Let the carnage begin.

The dated slice of teenage paranoia has matured nicely over quarter-century, As the tweaked horror reboot makes sly nods to the past combined with tongue-in-cheek sly pop culture references, the original paved the way for the droll horror genre of the "Scream" franchise and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (of whom's veteran writer Marti Noxon scribes here).

Farrell's creative risk pays off as his sexuality and charm ozzes out of Jerry in the creapest way, Mintz-Plasse is the embodiment of the quintessential geek (move over John Cusack) and wayward Englishman Tennant enhances every eyeliner-ladden scene with his sleazy camp delivery and sardonic quips whilst.

The Verdict: Although the CGI is decent, the use of 3D is merely more than a lazy ploy to cash in and darkens each frame. Sharp and loyal to the rules of vampire lore, audiences wont feel the need to hiss, scream and then run in terror. How can anyone not like a vampire who watches The Real Housewives?

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 23/09/2011
½ February 24, 2016
One of the best movie remakes there is.
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