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Cody Jarrett's grade-Z horror comedy film Frog-g-g! concerns a mutant frog that emerges from the water and wants to reproduce with the only species that matches it genetically: human women. Kristi Russell plays Dr. Barbara Michaels, an EPA agent who realizes what is happening before anyone else. Unfortunately, she has a difficult time convincing anyone of her theory until it is too late and the mutant begins attacking.
Comedy , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Kristi Russell
as Dr. Barbara Michaels
Robert Brink
as Sheriff Buford Lawson
Michael McConnohie
as Huntley Grimes
Mary Woronov
as Doctor
Todd Malta
as EPA Agent Steve Saunders
William Knight
as Bartlett
Eowyn Steele
as Sara Grimes
Jennifer Saxon
as Girl under bleachers
Brian Ruppert
as Johnson
Erik Sorenson
as O'Halleran
Alexander D. Slanger
as Deputy Conner
Deonte Gordon
as Jimmy Jackson
Lori Vilott
as Nurse
Sasha Adkinson
as Panicked woman
Patricia Urias
as Goth girl
Tim Mash
as Football Coach
James Carter
as Quarterback
Kim Walker
as Dead Nun
Joey Stafura
as Drunken man
Nicole Stevenson
as Catholic Schoolgirl
Janean Elkins
as Catholic schoolgirl
Christine Bosworth
as Catholic schoolgirl
Lucy Berman
as Catholic schoolgirl
Nikki Beard
as Catholic schoolgirl
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If Frog-g-g! is a satire, then where are the jokes? And no, incessantly ridiculous dialogue doesn't not count as a "joke."

Full Review… | May 8, 2005

Audience Reviews for Frog-g-g!

I knew going into this that it would suck. I still wanted to see if it could try and pull off a monster movie feel, but it doesn't even try to to do that. This was a movie made simply for the sake of giving the middle finger to movies. That was sort of the feeling I got from it. It tries to be a send-up of monster movies, but is more interested in failing at what it tries to do. It is a perfect Z grade movie though and if that is what it was trying to accomplish than I say it's a masterpiece in that alone.

The Vulture
The Vulture

FROG-G-G! Wasn't the movie of my dreams. The cover looked so funny that I forgot Rule Number 1--The better the cover, the worse the movie. It tried very hard to be a send up of 1950's style monster flix, but that fell apart after the first 5 minutes when we got the nudity and the (rather tame) girl on girl stuff. Another flick with an identity crisis, great. There's really not much to say about this one except that I tend to cut low budget movies a lot of slack when it comes to everything, but the (over) acting her was a bit much even for me. The only aspect of the flick that I did enjoy was the monster himself when he finally did show up. He was never meant to be taken seriously by any means and his suit had everything except a zipper--or maybe it did and I just wasn't paying attention. But I have to admit that I got a kick out of the horny amphibian when he appeared on the football field in the middle of the big game and ran towards the girls in the stands, flinging full backs hither and thither as he waddled or hopped or did whatever it was that was he was doing. Best part of the movie, the part where I actually laughed? The end credits when FROG-G-G! just stands there and dances in front of the camera.

karen shaub
karen shaub

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