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From Justin To Kelly Quotes

  • Kaya: What did you do?
    Alexa: Nothin'!
    Kelly: How could you do this to me?
    Alexa: I don't know. Kel, it's easy for you. I mean, you get people to see what you really are, and I-I've always been jealous. I know I shouldn't. I mean, we've been friends since forever, but... Kaya had a guy and you had Justin. I just felt like Miss Runner-Up. You have to believe that I did not mean to hurt you. I promise. I just-I just thought if I could get Justin like me, then... Maybe I can be as good as you.
    Kelly: You're nothing like me, Alexa. Because I would never do that to a friend.

  • Alexa: I've tried my hardest to keep ya'll apart, you just kept gettin' back together... and I'm the queen of connivin'.

  • Kaya: Heck, yeah! I mean 'hell yeah', I say hell all the time! Hell, hell, hell... hell.

  • Justin: To break us up, Kelly! Listen, if anybody's gonna be mad around here, it should be me. You've been hot and cold. First, you're blowing me off, and then you're leaving me some messages.
    Kelly: What messages?
    Justin: That's exactly what I'm talking about. And you accuse me of being a player. Well, you're the one playing games, Kelly. You know that? Game over.

  • Justin: We need to talk.
    Kelly: I have nothing to say to you.
    Justin: Why are you being like this?
    Kelly: What am I supposed to be like after what you've done.
    Justin: What I did?
    Kelly: You came on to her! Or should I reenact it for you? It's probably the same little show you put out for me, expect without a boat. I should've believed what everybody said about you in the first place.
    Justin: I mean everything I said. And I didn't come on to her. She came on to me.
    Kelly: Really? Why would she do that?

  • Eddie: Excuse me. Are you Lizzie from the Internet?

  • Justin: Hey, you're the girl from the beach.
    Kelly: My friends call me Kelly for short.

  • Eddie: Trust me, getting rejected by text is a lot less humiliating.
    Brandon: Right.
    Justin: Right.

  • Alexa: You're interest in Kelly?
    Justin: Yeah.
    Alexa: You're the mayor of Spring Break, and she's one-bonnet-shy-Amish!

  • Kelly: I'm from Texas. I've been bigger.

  • Kaya: (opens the hotel room door and Justin sees her) Justin, what are you doin'?
    Kaya: Justin, what are you doin'?

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