Sep 29, 2021
A highly immoral film in every imaginable way but it sure is fun...
Apr 24, 2009
The film lacks the exotic, colourful flamboyance of the best of its successors. So shoot me.
Apr 24, 2009
The stylish second Bond film From Russia With Love now looks as if it was shot yesterday.
Apr 24, 2009
FRWL has character and dash, and even something of a conventional plot, all worth revisiting for this pin-sharp restoration.
Apr 24, 2009
The narrative is plodding, time has not been kind to set-pieces that were once so thrilling and now seem oddly perfunctory, and 007's misogyny and casual slapping of several women is more than faintly repellent.
Oct 13, 2008
Sophisticated? Well, not really. But fast, smart, shrewdly directed and capably performed.
Apr 15, 2008
From Russia with Love is a preposterous, skillful slab of hardhitting, sexy hokum.
Apr 15, 2008
For my money, still the best Bond, with a screwball plotline that keeps the locales changing and the surprises coming.
May 9, 2005
007 is very much with us again, and anyone who hasn't yet got to know him is urged to do so right away!
Oct 1, 2003
This film began the fine tradition of deviating from Ian Fleming's novels, which gave us the suave, sophisticated Bond over Fleming's monosyllabic misogynist.
Dec 26, 2002
Jun 27, 2001
A thrilling espionage adventure chock full of iconic characters, set pieces and one-liners.
Feb 13, 2001
As a non-fan of the Ian Fleming super spy and a moderate admirer of such films as Moonraker, I find that the essential point of enjoyment to be the films' very flaws: the admiration of their kitsch factor.
Jan 1, 2000
It's one of the franchise's highlights, and if the dated action can be forgiven, a cracking cold war story.
Jan 1, 2000
Standing at the pinnacle of the series, From Russia with Love shows how good a Bond film can be when all the ingredients mesh.