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November 4, 2015
great farewell film for Mr. miyazaki
½ November 2, 2015
Lovely characters, adorable romance, and killer soundtrack
October 20, 2015
Despite the distracting incestuous story line that gets resolved by the end this is a very beautiful story.
½ October 7, 2015
Stung by the critical drubbing of his directorial debut TALES FROM EARTHSEA, Goro Miyazaki sought his father, the legendary Hayao Miyazaki's assistance for his second film. The end result, FROM UP ON POPPY HILL, isn't quite the classic that many of Studio Ghibli's peers are, but at the very least it's a less confusing and pleasant enough diversion. As always, the animation is beautifully rendered and rich with colors and detail, and the toe-tapping musical score is a plus. And the dubbing is, as per the tradition of a Ghibli movie, extremely well done, with solid performances by everyone involved. It even translates the vocal songs. The storyline, however, may turn off viewers expecting another lively fantasy or something fast-paced. FROM UP ON POPPY HILL skews more toward the contemporary, slow-paced "slice of life" kind of style from WHISPER OF THE HEART. This tale about high school kids who try to save their clubhouse from demolition by politicians mixed with a love story between a shy girl and one of the clubhouse members who may or may not be related to her is not particularly heavy on action and can often move slowly. Despite this, however, the characters are much easier to relate to than the cold, remote counterparts of EARTHSEA, and as mentioned, the film is less convoluted to follow, which is a plus. Time will tell if Goro will eventually find his voice and crawl out of the shadow of his more famous father, but POPPY HILL nonetheless is charming in its own understated way.
September 30, 2015
Unexpected endings are rarely expected. *sigh*. Political centered films rarely make their way into the children's market.
½ August 27, 2015
Aunque algo telenovelezca, exhibe la maestría visual característica de los estudios Ghibli, mientras su historia tiene el suficiente encanto y el corazón en el lugar correcto, para ganarse el afecto de sus seguidores.
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½ August 24, 2015
In "From Up on Poppy Hill," Umi Matsuzaki, a 16-year old student, hangs nautical flags every day from the porch of her home in memory of her father, a tugboat pilot, who went missing during the Korean War. This does not go without notice by boat captains in the area. What has also not gone without notice are the protests to keep the campus clubhouse, in danger of demolition for the upcoming 1964 Olympics, open which are led by Shun Kazama in occasionally spectacular fashion.

"From Up on Poppy Hill" may not be one of the best animated movies Studio Ghibli has ever released.(It is so melodramatic in spots that a character actually comments on it.) But then considering how sweet and sentimental it is, it really does not have to be. Of all the lavish details, I am most fond of the clubhouse which is spectacularly rendered. Through that symbol, the movie explores not only Japan's connection to its past but also its future. All of which is done at a nicely personal level.
½ July 14, 2015
Miyazakis films are so down to earth and a lot of them show 'daily life' and move quite slowly in a way that never gets old. Even though there's a huge clubhouse in this movie, unlike schools in real life, it always feels like Miyazaki is making his own truth. We don't experience this stuff, but we feel like we know what he's talking about, and his work makes me so happy.

Both Goro and Hayao are masters of their trade, and they can only get better.
½ July 10, 2015
I always like watching Studio Ghibli movies because of how beautiful the hand drawn animation is. It's always so pretty to watch. This story is a lot simpler than their usual movies, but it's still very sweet. This is probably the closest to an actual kids/family movie that I have seen from them. Having it rooted in history is really interesting though. It added a lot of context to the story. Also, having a voice cast that includes Anton Yelchin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Howard, Christina Hendricks, and Aubrey Plaza, (just to name a few) doesn't hurt. Overall, this isn't Spirited Away or Kiki's Delivery Service, but this is still a sweet, family centric movie that is worth the watch.
June 18, 2015
I'm honestly surprised that this movie's ratings isn't as high as it should be. Thus, I would like to give it justice by rating it a perfect 5. It's intriguing and lovely made making you crave for more. Simply put, it's a one of a kind!
May 23, 2015
One of the weakest of Ghibli's catalogue. Not really a fan. There's just nothing to distinguish it from their other (far superior) romance films like Only Yesterday and Whisper of the Heart.
May 1, 2015
Not quite as magical as some Studio Ghibli but still fantastic. It's stunning to look at, lovely to listen to and incredibly sweet without being saccharine. It creates a strong sense of nostalgia and attachment straight away and the gestures towards the war and family losses are touching. I would watch it again in a heartbeat.
½ April 13, 2015
Visually captivating. The story is indeed remarkable. Good job Goro Miyazaki.
April 6, 2015
japanese version was very cute
March 1, 2015
This movie looks pretty. The artwork is great, the characters look beautiful, and the soundtrack is pleasant. However while the characters are indeed cute, they are remarkably uninteresting. The plot twists and developments are routine and unremarkable. The film has got heart but the laid back pace and the (sort of) mundane conflicts just didn't do it for me.
½ February 8, 2015
A devastatingly underwhelming effort from the legendary Studio Ghibli. Though boasting breathtaking animation and lovely voice acting, this film lacks the emotional heft Ghibli is so famous for.
January 16, 2015
maybe my favy Miyazaki
January 6, 2015
This is my favorite movie.
½ January 3, 2015
Though it features the heart and charm the other Ghibli films had, Poppy Hill is a pretty boring and bland film that you will forget in a pretty short amount of time. However, I did have fun with this movie and wouldn't mind giving it a second viewing.
½ December 30, 2014
A great film. Its just missing a few key pieces to the puzzle. But it has all the heart of a Miyazaki film. This really needed to be a bit longer of a film in order to develop the characters relationships and resolve the films many themes.
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