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Despite outward appearances that would suggest he was a slacker with no motivation or ambition, Billy Wegstaff (Adam Grimes) is a true master of the snowboard. When Billy is accepted into the exclusive Pine Mountain Snowboard Academy, it appears as if the fun-loving snow shark may have finally landed his big break. Things soon take a turn for the worse when -- following a long night of hard partying -- Billy wakes up in the trash and discovers that he has been kicked out of the academy. When Billy decides to take matters into his own hands, there's no telling what he might do to get his career back on track. Featuring appearances by Playboy Playmates Suzanne Stokes and Buffy Tyler as well as a special appearance by Traci Lords.
R (Sexual content including nudity and dialogue, language, crude humor, and some drug use.)
Action & Adventure , Comedy
Directed By:
In Theaters:
20th Century Fox Pictures

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Adam Grimes
as Billy Wagstaff
Peter Jason
as Colonel Jaffe
Traci Lords
as Naomi Bucks
Phil Morris
as J.P. Millhouse
Carmen Nicole
as Casey Richards
Baelyn Neff
as Winter Jaffe
Oliver Macready
as Brandt Von Hoffman
Ron Zimmerman
as Blind Danny Temples
Christian Oliver
as Hans Gruber
Gus Farewell
as Sven Darden
Rick Overton
as Bartender
Maggie Rowe
as Receptionist
Scott Valentine
as Jack Schitt
Suzanne Stokes
as Hot Tub Babe
Buffy Tyler
as Hot Tub Babe
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one of the worst films in the skiing/snowboarding genre, and that's saying something

February 4, 2005

Audience Reviews for Frostbite

(* 1/2): [img][/img] A juvenile film that makes it seem like all snowboarders are idiots. This film makes you sad in that you makes you think about all of the better films that could have been made instead. A stupid, stupid film.


I really like this movie,it was ice cold awesome,i got that on dvd,it's American Pie meets Winter Break meets Road Trip meets Sex Drive meets Out Cold meets Shred meets Porkys meets Animal House meets Boardheads on grossed-out snowboard comedy film.This movie rocks.

raymond spencer
raymond spencer

Back again. [color=darkslategray][u]1. Frostbite-[/u] This one gets a 6 because it's funny. It's your typical snowboard movie though. some kids who win a mountain by racing for it.[/color] [color=#2f4f4f][/color] [color=dimgray][u]2. Alexander-[/u] Okay, I'm really beginning to think that Collin Farrell is really a fag. He is all "faggy" as Alexander, I know that people were like that back then, but has nothing to do with my opinion. Just the other day I watched a movie with him in it, and he was all "faggy" too. Anyway, I really did enjoy this film, and if you havn't seen it, I'm sure you will too. One of the things that I didn't like about it is that it was very confusing. It jumped around too much.[/color] [color=#696969][/color] [color=gray][u]3. The Life of David Gale-[/u] This one is with Kevin Spacey. I really do enjoy his character in this film. This is a film that is very unique and different from many other films. That is why I enjoyed it so much.[/color] [color=#808080][/color] [color=silver][u]4. Blow-[/u] Alright, another Johnny Depp film. This one gets a 9. I always do like the characters that he portays. Especially this one, since it is based on a true story. I really do enjoy true story based or inspired movies. They are just that much better and more entertaining to me. Excellent performance by Johnny Depp in this one. And a very good story.[/color] [color=#c0c0c0][/color] [color=plum][u]5.[/u] They should really have a rating on here called "SUCKS". That is just about all I can say about this piece of crap. Don't rent it, don't watch it. Just don't waste your time. In fact, I'm wasting my time by rating it.[/color] [color=#dda0dd][/color] [color=white]Thats all, "conichiwa bitches"[/color]

Casey Southall
Casey Southall

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