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December 3, 2008
Does director Ron Howard's TV background make him assume that everything has to be repeated, just in case someone was in the kitchen making a sandwich the first time?
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August 26, 2009
Howard can't, as someone mentions in the film, distinguish between a performer and a journalist
December 12, 2008
This is the irony of Frost/Nixon: Though it chronicles the moment when (in theory) the 37th president of the United States was cut down to size, the movie's presentation of him is utterly larger than life.
December 1, 2008
In terms of condescending narrative handholding, Frost/Nixon has no 2008 rival.
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December 21, 2008
I've seen one too many movies about the disgraced president to find the material compelling.
December 2, 2008
Frost/Nixon is a trivial afterword to a historical footnote, a showbiz story inflated into a retroactive therapy session for one of 20th-century America's biggest knaves.
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November 12, 2008
Too many words and no drama, unless effeminate Italian shoes is a metaphor for an unloved, bitter man.
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January 23, 2009
One feels nagged all the way by its self-proclaimed momentousness.
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December 12, 2008
Despite a moving, canny incarnation of the man by Frank Langella, despite a slickly entertaining coffee-table production as only Ron Howard knows how, the movie feels cooked up. In the name of dramatizing history, Frost/Nixon sacrifices it.
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December 10, 2008
Sometimes I worry that Ron Howard actually listens to every dumb 18-year-old drunk kid who tells him how to edit his movies
December 14, 2008
History is made by the people who write it, not the people who actually do the deeds, and this film is a prime example.
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December 7, 2008
Its boxing metaphor plays out in such mind-numbingly literal terms, there might as well have been a woman in a bikini announcing the beginning of each day's interview.
January 9, 2009
The movie transforms the wily Nixon into a sympathetic figure -- a familiarly 'complicated' movie character, and hardly one of the darkest and most fascinating souls in 20th century America.
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December 23, 2008
For a film that should have been smart and fun, Frost/Nixon turns out to be a stodgy romance to the concept of "heroic" modern journalism.
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December 1, 2008
Frost/Nixon is unsatisfying even if, like me, you're a lifelong aficionado of Nixon-bashing.
December 12, 2008
Despite the great care and research that went into the movie, Frost/Nixon pales in comparison to Oliver Stone's Nixon when it comes to humanizing the infamous leader.
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December 12, 2008
Despite a cavalcade of talent, Frost/Nixon is a middling thing.
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January 23, 2009
I found myself disconcerted and underwhelmed by a hugely anticipated movie. It never quite escapes its stage origins, and under a glitzy surface of period stylings doesn't seem to have much to say.
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April 23, 2009
Unlike the gargoyle I remember, Langella's Nixon exudes a seductive charm and vulnerability. He's the film's chief virtue, and its biggest flaw.
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October 28, 2014
It takes a nincompoop like Howard to imagine depth in this silliness.
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