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½ April 14, 2016
Yes, I'm probably giving it way too many stars, but I really have a proclivity both for British films of the 60's and sci-fi thrillers about cryogenics and suspended animation. I didn't pay too much for this (it was part of my now-infamous Mill Creek 50-pack called 'Nightmare Worlds'), it wasn't very long (around 70 minutes in my cut), had jazzy, African and crooning music that I found highly enjoyable, had two gorgeous actresses at its core and a bizarre plot (which intercut plotlines of becoming the first to safely freeze and re-animate a human being, with an accidental shooting death that the scientist/first human subject is the main suspect of), and though it was rather predictable, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would easily recommend it to anyone that likes B-movies from the 60's. You could do a heck of a lot worse.

Somewhat relatedly, I would to see any other films that either Marianne Koch or Delphi Lawrence were in. I loved both of them dearly in this film.
June 22, 2015
didn't care for this one
June 9, 2013
Empty plot, nothing too exciting. Uninteresting characters, most of the stuff you'll find in a 60's low budget movie. Unmemorable.
½ June 1, 2010
Frozen Alive
Starring: Mark Stevens and Marianne Koch
Director: Bernard Knowles

In "Frozen Alive" a pair of brilliant scientists (Stevens and Koch) are on the threshold of perfecting cryogenic suspended animation for human beings. On the very night the pair decides to cross a scientific line and freeze Stevens, his shrewish wife is found shot to death in their apartment. The police believe that the scientist had himself frozen in the hopes of escaping justice. As evidence mounts that he did indeed murder him, Koch is faced with the choice of letting her beloved co-worker be successfully revived to face the police, or commit murder herself by sabotaging the revival process and let him escape the humilitation.

Primarily a German production, this light-weight sci-fi drama features a truly interational cast--British, American, and German. The acting is all quite good, despite the fact that the dialogue the actors are working with leaves a lot to be desired, and the script does have a number of holes and weakpoints in it. The best part of the film is the climax, which is a slight twist on the "ticking clock" model, and a great use of letting the audience know more than the characters on-screen do.

"Frozen Alive" is a good addition to a "B-movie Night." line-up... not something to lead with, but worth having in the mix.
½ June 1, 2010
A bit hokey but it's quite watchable. It is a low budget film, but the filmmakers do well with the budget. The acting is fine.
½ May 4, 2009
this movie sounds cooler than it actually is...pun intended. i've heard this movie labeled as a murder mystery, which is odd because there is no murder and no mystery in the film. the film does nothing to make you like any of the when you think that one is gonna be in trouble, you could care less if they die or get sick or cut their toenail too short so it hurts every time they take a step...or whatever else bad that could happen to them. it's not even really all that fun to mock the's not a cool film. yeah, i already used that pun...who cares?
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