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August 17, 2016
Ryan Coogler confirms all fears you have had before using public transportation.
July 26, 2016
It tells a great story, and the movie deserves to be seen just for that. However, I can't help but feel the movie could've been a lot more than it was, and Coogler's shaky realism style of directing isn't for me.
½ July 24, 2016
Heart on its sleeve, tightly written melodrama that fails to get out of its own way at most times.
July 5, 2016
Simple, bien contada, bien actuada. Una historia lamentable que cada vez se repite más.
½ June 19, 2016
Emotionally powerful with great performances.
June 9, 2016
There's a reason why this movie is 5 stars on Netflix.
½ June 2, 2016
A respectful and emotional depiction of the tragic events fueled by discrimination and racism, and an eye opener to the realities of our world.

In a true story, Oscar Grant wakes on New Years Eve to what seems to be a typical holiday. While juggling many life problems, Oscar strives to leave his past life and make himself a better man. On an innocent night down in the city, his life will turn for the worse when he's detained at Fruitvale Station. What happens next will change his life and everyone's around him forever.

I applaud Ryan Coogler. In his directorial debut, he managed to not only give us a simple, yet powerful film, but he also manages to pull a couple tears from your eyes. To this date, he's directed only two films, and both have been phenomenal. This, along with "Creed", have been some of the top films of their respective years, and he really shows us why this was the best film at the Sundance Film Festival.

What I really loved about this movie was the writing. It was a very respectful, yet non biased portrayal of Oscar's last living breath. Coogler knows how to write natural dialogue and he also manages to give us amazing character depth. In a mere hour and 20 minutes, he can basically tell us everything we need to know about our main characters and why we should care about them. The thing that's most important is the fact that he didn't necessarily glorify Oscar and his life, but rather, shows how he was an imperfect man struggling to get back up on his feet.

Oscar Grant was far from perfect and that's shown through multiple, yet small events. Whether it's his previous drug life, the jail time, anger management, or the unemployment, that was all shown in this movie. They didn't sugar coat it and I loved that. However, Coogler gave us the other side of Oscar, the side that showed him striving to become a better man. Yes, he made plenty of mistakes throughout his life, but he tried his hardest to create a new start for himself. He did everything he could do to become a better family man, a better father, a better son, and a righteous man. It's a tragic story to see his life taken away from him in a blink of an eye, especially to something so meaningless. Coogler does an amazing job of making these imperfect, yet relatable characters that you can root for the entire way through. I say this all with 100% respect toward Oscar Grant and I even admire him.

The acting in this movie is definitely something to behold. Michael B. Jordan is one of today's best up and coming actors, and considering this is one of his early performances, he gave one of his best here. Again, not only is the writing a respectable portrayal, but the acting brings out the personality of each and every character. When I was watching this movie, I didn't feel like I was watching Michael B. Jordan playing some character, but rather, I felt like I was watching Oscar Grant live out his life. That's due to an amazing performance from Jordan, as a lot of Grant's little ticks, habits, and slang were picked up on in this film. Everyone else did a pretty great job too, and the overall talent here is admirable.

This movie is so admirable because it's just so simple. Nothing here is overdone and there are so many small things that really make this movie what it is. Whether Oscar secretly hands his daughter a pair of fruit snacks, the kind act of a shop owner, or watching one Caucasian police officer hold the hand of Oscar as he bleeds out, it all adds up in the end. I praise this movie and what it has done, and I recommend it to anyone age appropriate with a Netflix account.

In the end, this was a fantastic film. It was well directed and well acted, and a respectable portrayal of the tragedy at Fruitvale Station.
May 19, 2016
A really great performance driven movie, and great retelling of the 2009 Bart shootout.
May 18, 2016
Powerfully directed and helmed by Michael B. Jordan's strong acting, this film is a modern masterpiece that will remain topical for a time to come as it humanizes tragedy.
May 11, 2016
Based on a heart breaking, gut punching true story. The first of many great performances to come from M.B. Jordan. One viewing is enough though
April 25, 2016
"Fruitvale Station" will go down as the movie that turned Michael B. Jordan into a star. The true story humanizes Jordan's character (Oscar Grant). It's a heartfelt feel on what life is in the inner city for minorities of color. The story-telling is as good as Jordan's performance. It's the debut for writer-director Ryan Coogler and it's Wellsian type first feature.

This movie is effective portrait of the negative of Grant and the positive. The movie is intense and will sap you of your energy. Watch it with somebody you love and hug them afterwards.
April 15, 2016
It is fabulously acted, but for me the second half engaged me, while in the first I felt too conscious of a whole lot of setting up happening.
April 11, 2016
In such politically charged times, we need movies like this. What this film does, better than almost every other movie in this kind of genre does, is make its characters feel like reel people. Take the main character for example, he could have been portrayed as a saint. An innocent cut down in cold blood. However, the film choses to show us all sides of his personality. Yes he deserves our sympathy, but he is no saint. He has had problems with drugs, anger management, and responsibility to his family. In fact everyone, from his mother, to his friends, and even his eventual killer, are portrayed as people with different levels and depths.

We keep seeing these awful real-life tragedies play out in the news and in our lives. They spark passionate debate and discussion. Which is good. And hopefully those who see this film will be inspired to look at these tragedies and have a second look at what is going on around us all.
½ April 9, 2016
Powerful. Powerful in it's simple and straightforward storytelling. Powerful acting. Powerful emotions this movie evokes.
½ April 5, 2016
Oscar Grant's fully dimensional character is written well and played superbly. This is a heart-breaking story that gives a face and a name to our escalating crisis of over-zealous policing.
March 30, 2016
without a doubt there is controversy over what actually happened in those tense moments the new years day of 2009. but there is also no doubt that this an amazing performance by jordan to portray the 24 hours leading up to that moment of a human being whose life was tragically taken. i haven't been wrecked by a film like i was by this one in quite some time.
½ March 27, 2016
Emotionally affecting. Brilliant performances from both Jordan and Diaz. Very deserving of the critical praise it's received.
March 12, 2016
This movie was great. I mean, there's no way to word it better. I especially love the dialogue, it was so human. Even the police officers were given a bit of humanity, instead of them being "evil pigs", even though they were in the wrong. The only problem I had with the movie is that the emotional impact isn't as big as I thought it would be. Of course the story is extremely sad, but since it shows you the outcome of the whole situation before the movie starts, you already know what to expect. It was minor though, I still ended up crying towards the end. People need to watch this movie. Please do.
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