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½ November 22, 2015
Pretty hilarious and emotional at the same time
August 10, 2015
The laughs are scarce and interest wains quickly.
½ July 30, 2015
This film has a strong first act, then loses itself in the second and third.
½ July 26, 2015
Fun with Dick and Jane is a good Jim Carrey movie, but it surprisingly lacks the amount of humor present in other "recent" Jim Carrey movies such as Bruce Almighty and Yes Man. On this second viewing of the film I found myself engaged in the story to the point that I was not necessarily upset that this movie wasn't was funny as I expected.

This movie has an unusually long first act for a comedy. Jim Carrey plays Dick Harper, who works at a company run by Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin with an atrocious southern accent) and Dick gets promoted right before the company goes bankrupt due to McCallister's embezzlement, which no officials realize even though it is so obvious. The titular couple, Dick and Jane, has to deal with financial hardships since Jane quits her job after Dick's promotion, leaving no breadwinners in the house once the company Dick works for goes bankrupt. It may only take about half an hour, but it seems like a good forty or forty-five minutes for Dick and Jane to get to the point of the movie: the two of them robbing banks.

It is enjoyable to watch the couple go from terrible to expert level at the task of robbing money. The segment that deals with the first night Dick tries to rob people shows how pathetic Dick comes across to start, first stealing only a slurpee, then finding himself in weird situations while robbing other stores which includes helping an elderly woman to walk back to her car, and suddenly the excitement hits when the two of them rob a neon-lit shop once Dick explains they will get evicted the next day if they don't obtain the money.

It is humorous to see the two act like regular people in the process of robbing, one example being when they order specific drinks at a coffee shop while robbing the place.

The second half of the movie seems to go by really quickly, and we find the third act of the film to be more about getting back at McCallister than obtaining a large sum of money, which is a nice turn. When I first saw this film I assumed the couple would just run off with the $400 million McCallister had in his accounts, but Dick and Jane donating the money to the people who worked with Dick seemed a lot more fitting for the light comedy that it was.

Though the film could have used more humor and its tone could have been more consistent, Fun With Dick and Jane is a delight to watch since it is a great underdog story that is very easy to watch.
½ June 26, 2015
I actually really liked this movie despite the reviews from critics. Jim Carrey was great and funny. It also had a really good storyline to it.
June 25, 2015
Remake, don't like Jane (11, 12, 14, June 2015) ABC Family
½ June 22, 2015
Frank Bascom (Richard Jenkins): Do you have any idea what I had to go through to get that form?
Dick Harper (Jim Carrey): No, let me guess, a fifth of SCOTCH?

I normally don't really care for Jim Carrey's style of humor but I have to admit that some of his films are kind funny but only when he manages to the keep the antics down the bare minimum. He has surprisingly good chemistry with on-screen wife, Jane (played by the always gorgeous Téa Leoni). Of course, much of the films appeal is because the likeable couple plays opposite an equally likeable villain like Alec Baldwin. Overall, the film was fun, interesting and came to a pretty satisfying conclusion. So, not a bad way to waste an hour and half of your life.
½ June 13, 2015
Absolutely better than I had expected!! it is rather good!
½ June 8, 2015
Pretty good movie. Wasn't that funny just enjoyed the story. Didn't hurt that Tea Leoni was in it! Big Jim Carrey fan and he didn't letdown here!
May 17, 2015
Not one Jim Carrey's best movies...
May 16, 2015
great roles done by these two
April 2, 2015
Fun With Dick and Jane is actually not that bad of a remake that the cast saved it from being a dull, and more depressing movie. The plot is fine, and it does go into the political stuff which is different from your usual Jim Carrey movie. It's funny at times thanks to Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni, but there are times where it wasn't really funny, but more or less just depressing, which is surprising when it's written by Judd Apatow and Nicholas Stroller who I find to be very funny writers. The chemistry between the two leads is good, and it does made me wonder about where it's going. The kid with the Spanish accent is honestly very odd, and didn't find it funny. The cast try their best to make it funny, and they did. Fun With Dick and Jane didn't really seem necessary to be a remake at all, but it's not that bad and it could've been a lot worse.
½ April 1, 2015
The sad thing here is that the idea is good but the movie failed in many ways, sometimes is overacting and the pace of the story is not good, much less funny. 3.5/10
March 21, 2015
Ihan ok komedia, vaikka en yleensä tykkää Jim Carreyn leffoista... (Suom. Taalat taskuun Dick ja Jane)
½ March 4, 2015
It might not be the funniest movie with Jim Carrey, but it's not bad, nor is good, the film doesn't follow its tone, and the storyline is just silly, this is just an average comedy film
January 28, 2015
Jim Carrey is in his element but the movie barely rises above average. Full review later.
January 21, 2015
I've never laughed so hard especially the part when they r driving away after the robbed the head shop.
January 17, 2015
2015-01-17 kinda dumb but had its moments
January 4, 2015
I miss you Jim Carrey...
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