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May 16, 2006
[b]Futurama - Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection (2005)[/b]
September 1, 2005
Sorry for not having my reviews up at the advertised time, I didn't really feel like doing them yesterday. But I am forcing myself to do them today so I don't get swamped. Anyway I get to review one of my favorite animated shows of all time.

I love Futurama, and although I haven't been able to finished my collection, a friend of mine bought this dvd for himself, and I got to watch it with him. This is a great collection of one episode from each season. If you ever wanted to know the greatness of Futurama, but didn't have the money to buy the dvds, or able to stay up for adult swim, this collection if for you.

I hope that everyone can get a chance to watch this dvd, and hopefully buy the whole set. Maybe that'll make fox put alittle bit more money into getting the strait to dvd movie out fast.
August 28, 2005
[font=Courier New]I probably don?t really need to review something like this. But this DVD impressed me so much this weekend, I can?t help but feel the need to do so. So, until I get back on track with actual movie and game reviews, here is a little something about [i]Futurama - Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection[/i].

I haven?t always been a fan of this series. I watched it a few times in the past, and thought it was funny. But I never really got why people seemed to enjoy it so much. This quickly changed after my best friend and I would watch the series on weekends. See, he is a huge fan of the series, and helped me appreciate it a lot more.

This collection is a perfect way for people to introduce themselves to the series, without having to fork over up to $40 for the season box sets. And it still contains some nice little features on it for people who already own the box sets not to feel like they are getting cheated into buying this.

The disc contains four episodes, one from each season. All of which are some of my personal favorite. But the two that stand out above all are [i]Roswell That Ends Well[/i], and [i]The Sting[/i]. I consider [i]Roswell That Ends Well[/i] to be my personal favorite of the entire series, but was amazed at [i]The Sting[/i].

This weekend was my first time seeing that episode, and I have to admit it was a very touching episode. It does contain some funny elements, but is slightly more dramatic than most of the series. And the ending was just what that episode needed.

It?s kind of sad that this series didn?t take off as well as [i]The Simpsons[/i]. But with re-runs on channels like Cartoon Network, and future DVD releases planned, this series isn?t entirely dead. If you are a fan of the series, or just someone who is interested in finding out what this show is all about, pick this DVD up. [/font]
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