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November 20, 2016
Great insight into the life of Jacque Fresco and his lifelong struggle to create a design for a better world and see it realized. He has illuminated the path for so many of us.

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May 25, 2013
I thought his work was inspired and artful but after watching this lackluster documentary Jacque Fresco is someone that I admire. A brilliant mind!
October 12, 2012
Very interesting. The imagination of our societies is amazing. I like it
½ November 21, 2011
I agree with him 101%. We need to stop concentrating on stupid things, like war crime terrorism, and start living like normal human beings
½ July 7, 2011
An interesting man with interesting design ideas, many of which are similar to ideas by Buckminster Fuller, or Walt Disney's Progress City design. That being said, he doesn't seem to have any practical ideas for implementation of his ideas. Plus, some designs just seem to have logical flaws in them. For instance, a submarine that ejects air bubbles in the front to cut down on resistance. Where do the air bubbles come from? Compressed gas? Doesn't that add to the weight? Won't that negate any improvement? Interesting movie for futurists though.
June 17, 2011
Absolutely genius. Granted, many of his ideas aren't perfect, it's still a giant leap in the right direction!
June 12, 2011
Jacque Fresco is my hero.
September 21, 2010
I'm just half way through this documentary and its about a futurist/scientist/visionary named Jacque Fresco. I'm already spell bound! It's so good to know that our world can be so awesome!! Grab it NOW!
April 18, 2010
Some things were said that ticked me off for sounding too far fetched. Nevertheless, awesome ideas are brought forth. Not only in design or architecture but in various fields such as social interactions, space perception and it's impact on people, civil engineering ideas, religious concepts... Now it goes without saying that all this is an extreme conception of what our future might be but first, people would have to look towards such an idea for it to happen. Hence this movie... Just watch it ;)
½ December 6, 2009
A very interesting look at one man's view of what the future could be. While some of his view doesn't quite mesh with me (I personally find the structures look a little too stark with their purely practical designs), I definitely think he is someone who needs to be listened to a lot more.
December 6, 2009
. ! . ! . ! . ! . . .
½ August 3, 2009
Best pseudo-political film I've seen. If you enjoy sci-fi and also have a fancy for architecture, this is a film for you.

If you are interested in how society can be changed through the environment and living conditions of it's people, this is a film for you.

Aw, heck, this is just a film for you. Do watch it.
April 29, 2009
This is an interesting film, it's a documentary on the architect/social engineer/inventor Jacques Fresco, whom until I downloaded this movie, I'd never heard of. To give you a rundown of his accomplishments, he's invented/improved nearly as many things as Da Vinci, he met Albert Einstein and was unimpressed, he flew planes in WWII, he designed one of the first mass production-style houses (aka what would later be overlooked in the use of mobile homes/trailers), and to this day, at like 90 years old, he still draws/designs ways to change the world.

The documentary itself is pretty straightforward, there's nothing spectacular in form here, in fact, this might even suffer because it's a documentary, and to truly experience Fresco's life, you'd either have to live it with him, or chronicle all his accomplishments and designs in a 12 hour miniseries.

What makes Fresco so unique as a Futurist is that he doesn't design things FOR the future. He designs the future itself. For example, he explains that there is no way to save the US they way it is now, to go back and attempt to rebuild the major cities through patchwork would be impossible. He explains you need to start anew, and build an entire city at once, and he has designs for it. Once you listen to his theories, everything he says makes sense, and it's like he's solved the problems of human suffering. You begin to wonder why more people don't listen to this guy, but the problem is his ideas are idealist, his inventions, transportation systems, and living situations would only work if people weren't conditioned to be greedy and to look at life through monetary values.

He goes on to explain that what changed his thinking was when he arrived in Tahiti in the early 40's, he was offered the Cheif of the tribe's wife and told that she gives the Chief much pleasure, maybe she could do the same for him. It changed his thinking because he discovered that these people weren't conditioned to covet and want, they merely existed, and looked to share the things they had and the good life they led. The problem with America, he discovered, is people from their birth, are taught to covet and to take and to need. If we were able to change this thinking, and from birth condition people to share such things as land, lifestyle, food, power, etc then there wouldn't be a need for money, or a monetary system.

He also talks about how absolutely ridiculous and stupid it is that there are people who have millions of dollars, houses they don't ever set foot in, and cars they never drive, yet there are people dying of hunger every day. Clearly, there is enough food to go around, but the greedy people that see value in status and wealth completely ruin this fact that everyone on the planet earth could be eating right now. But thanks to Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and other people like them, there are people dying every day. Really just a mind boggling human being, there is so much to be learned from Jacques Fresco, it's a wonder and at the same time a testament to humankind's stupidity that such a man could exist, but never be listened to.

March 21, 2009
Future by Design is really less of a documentary about futurist Jacque Fresco, and more of a feature length presentation of his ideas. The movie suffers due to the this, simply because listening to Fresco toss out one radical and complex idea after another for ninety minutes on end is exhausting. A less breathless and more relaxed format would have served the contents much better. Still, there's no denying that Fresco has some very interesting thoughts to share, and that alone certainly makes Future by Design worth watching.
March 9, 2009
What a wonderful peek into the potential future. A much brighter view than the current bleek outlook : )
½ January 14, 2009
Interesting. Mesmerizing, really. Though I don't quite agree with all of his solutions, some of his ideas, especially the "cone shaped house that prevents tornado damage" one, and the "3D movies without glasses" one, are quite brilliant, at least in theory. And his architectural designs are beautiful.

A really interesting documentary. Not particularly well done, as there are some noticeable video/audio issues throughout, but the subject matter is so fascinating that none of it matters, really.

Definitely worth a watch.
November 7, 2008
Wouldn't the world be a better place without money. Good movie, just slow moving.
½ August 12, 2008
This documentary delves into the mind of futurist, Jacque Fresco. Not only does Fresco design tools, buildings, vehicles, ect. He has a clear vision of a brand new society. One that is highly efficient and works with our environment. By using less energy and utilizing resources to their full potential, we could create and maintain a better society for everybody. That is only a small part of his vision and it's a wonder why many of his ideas and designs have not been implemented.
½ August 12, 2008
Documentary about a designer/genius.
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