The Future of Food Reviews

November 23, 2005
The Future of Food carries an important warning that deserves heed. The problem is it will likely be preaching only to a duly incensed choir, which is its greatest pity.
October 22, 2005
October 21, 2005
Garcia subscribes to the simplistic and patronizing theories that consumers are hapless victims, force-fed things they don't want by conniving corporations and conspiratorial governments.
October 21, 2005
Until it gives in to its activist urges, The Future of Food is a tenacious work of journalism.
September 30, 2005
Garcia, the widow of Grateful Dead star Jerry Garcia, has taken a complex subject and made it digestible for anyone who cares about what they put into their stomachs.
September 27, 2005
A powerful, if one-sided, attack on the GM food industry.
September 16, 2005
Plain wrap filmmaking that's single minded, capped with a pitch for organic eating that's much too weak.
September 15, 2005
The densely informational film fails to open up the discussion on synthetic food but makes a strong case for its stance through interviews with scientists and 'clean' food advocates.
September 15, 2005
Enlightening documentary.
September 15, 2005
Beneath its tasteful faade, Garcia's documentary is actually nothing short of a pure horror film.
September 14, 2005
Deborah Koons Garcia's sober, far-reaching polemic against genetically modified foods poses many ticklish ethical and scientific questions.
September 14, 2005
This plucky little diatribe gets you thinking about the larger implications facing future generations.
September 13, 2005
A muckraking expos that attempts to raise the level of public debate through responsible research and sober rhetoric.