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March 19, 2010
Galactic Gigolo begins on a distant planet ran by large, talking vegetables are in the middle of the planet's most popular game show where Broccoli-guy Eoj wins a trip to the planet Earth in a popular town called Prospect in Connecticut where all the girls are sexy and easy. Eoj is turned into a human (played by writer Carmine Capobianco) and begins his quest of bedding each and every woman in town using his psychic abilities to arouse them and make them sleep with him. Once people realize who he is, everyone wants a piece of Eoj, including a reporter that wants to sell his exploits as a book, a group of dimwitted mobsters who wants to use him for a crime-spree, and a family of Jewish redneck hillbillies who want Eoj dead just because. This low-budget sex comedy screams to be watched by all bad movie fans. It's corny, low brow, and lame beyond belief, though filled with an abundant amount of young, 80's boobage. On the other, it offers a nice throwback to the times when low budget filmmaking studios like Troma and Full Moon (in fact, Galactic Gigolo was released through Full Moon) were making actual movies, albeit extremely trashy ones. Please, don't be an idiot and waste your time renting this film if you struggle to handle films that aren't mainstream or popular. This film is a far cry from cream of the crop, but it's genuinely funny at times, and even reminiscent of something like Cannibal: The Musical (though still not as funny as). Take a look; you might be surprised.
February 2, 2010
Fantastic if obscure screwball comedy. Spiritual sequel to the great Psychos in Love, with most of the same cast.
Eoj (Joe backwards from the character's name in Psychos) is a carrot from the planet Krowank. He wins a game show prize to come the horniest place in the universe: Prospect, New Jersey. There he has a short time to make love with all the women of Prospect, who all easily sign off on this somehow.
While trying to accomplish this goal he ends up dodging some Jewish Hillbillies, like Billy Joe Bob Goldstein, as well as a small gang of bumbling gangsters that want to utilize Eoj's shapechanging abilities to pull a bank heist.
It's all really silly and really very funny.
As with their previous efforts, contains plenty of spectacular 80s boobs and off color humor. Nothing totally obscene, but not really for this kiddies.

You will appreciate many inside jokes if you watch Psychos in Love prior to this, which you should do anyway. This one is more widely available than Psychos in Love (Full Moon Entertainment controls the rights.)

And as always, cut the frabba jabba Carmine!
January 31, 2005
carmine! cut the frabba jabba!
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