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½ July 21, 2015
Despite the presence of future Oscar nominee Michael Keaton, I found this indie to be painfully boring. The short 83 minute running time felt twice as long.
April 15, 2015
A playwright is plagued with conflicting emotions when his new work is about to be reviewed by a notoriously harsh critic, and his favorite baseball team may win the world series after many years. Granted, Keaton's performance is excellent, but overall the film wanders around looking for allegory and symbolism, but ultimately strikes out.
February 26, 2013
Got to love a bargain box I find this movie never herd of it but I've always been a big Michael Keaton fan so I bought it and loved it this is a low budget movie about a Keaton plays play writer in new York the night of his play is the nite of the 1986 game of world series this movie is funny and a very good arthouse flick Michael Keaton still has his mojo !!
½ October 2, 2012
Good low Budget movie that has a surprising amount of good actors in it and was shot in New York, that alone makes it impressive. The story is alright but where it really shines is in the performances of Keaton and Downey Jr., who do what they do best. Worth a look if you like good movies that were made cheaply.
October 2, 2012
June 14, 2012
Against the backdrop of the 1986 Red Sox-Mets World Series Game 6, a playwright worries about a critic's review of his play. A great idea so this should have been much better. Sadly, it was not.
April 15, 2012
Not your average sports film or comedy!
March 24, 2012
Great cast make the most of a contrived and bizarre story.
February 1, 2012
Wasn't bad, wasn't great. Decent movie.
½ September 23, 2011
Forgot that Don DeLillo wrote this script. A little neat, at times, in its symbolism ("this could be it"), but engaging. One of Michael Keaton's best. Great pleasure to see some of these faces in a movie this small: O'Hara, Downey Jr.
Super Reviewer
August 10, 2011
Nicky Rogan: I coulda been happy. I coulda been a Yankees fan. 

"It's opening night... Let the games begin."

I really wish I would have liked Game 6 more. I like the story. A writer has a new play coming out, that is supposed to be his best work. Everyone is informing him that a tough critic is going to tear his play apart and this begins to worry him. As that is going on it's also the night game 6 of the 1986 World Series is being played(most remembered for Buckner's less than impressive play). Nicky is a Red Sox fan, but doesn't hold out to much hope for the Red Sox winning the World Series. 

What seems like a really cool story turns out to not make a great movie. At least in the hands of Michael Hoffman. As much as I wanted to like the movie; nothing in the actual movie was able to allow me to like it. The cast is fine with some pretty big names like Keaton, O'Hara and Downey Jr, but the movie has many flaws and the actors aren't able to make the movie anything special. 

All in all Game 6 is a pretty joyless experience. It's also very disappointing because I believe it could have been so much more.
August 4, 2011
Great performance from Michael Keaton and the 80's New York looks pitch-perfect. The only problem with this comedy is that it's not particularly funny.
½ June 19, 2011
Very disappointing. Annoyingly pretentious with the "Red Sox/Baseball as metaphor for life". Also, there were factual inconsistencies that cost credibility. Game 6 was on a Saturday, but the story played out as if it was a weekday (kids in school, etc.). If you're basing an entire film on a historical event, the basic facts should be accurate. Also, why was Michael Keaton a Red Sox fan? His character grew up in New York! The film never explains why the Red Sox were so important to him. The Robert Downey Jr. character was incredibly annoying. He is supposedly this mysterious character who sneaks into plays to review them, yet his "disguise" make him look like one of the Thompson Twins?!

Lastly - why were the Mets fans in the bar chanting "Hendu, Hendu"? He was a Red Sox player!!!
½ June 11, 2011
Until yesterday when this movie appeared on Encore, I had never heard of it. Great movie! Good story, good actors, good acting. Lots of suspense. The characters of Keaton and Downey were slowly revealed through their experiences, behavior, expressions, body language and through great writing. Both the way suspense was added where you wouldn't expect it and its execution were brilliantly accomplished. Michael Keaton has been one of my favorites since Mr. Mom. I have always considered Robert Downey, Jr. an extremely talented and versatile actor. This movie could have been half an hour longer, and it would've been just another movie trying to create characters you care about, but were forced to sit through a lot of blah, blah, blah to get there. This movie was tight at 90 minutes. Thank you, editor! God, it was just so damn good!
June 5, 2011
Game 6 is one of those movies like The Ice Storm, where the title is a metaphor for everything that happens, and every single thing that happens is a metaphor for the "ordinary" life that the main character leads. So when all is said and done, the movie is uninteresting and lacks depth. The performances are good, especially considering the material the actors have to work with.
April 6, 2011
If you don't get the baseball element then it might go over your head.

Interesting Side Note: I did find it odd that they made Michael Keaton's character of 1986 look like Michael Keaton of today. In my mind Michael Keaton always looks like he did in 1986. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss the 80's.
March 10, 2011
Well, I gave it over a half hour and just had to turn it off. By then, I thought I had watched two to three hours of this tripe. Wow, was this bad. I have no idea how they got all these actors to agree to this. Just, wow.
January 16, 2011
If you're a fan of Don DeLillo, the Red Sox, and the theatre you will love this movie. Not sure why it didn't get higher ratings overall.
November 5, 2010
"Where were *you* on that night?"

"It's opening night... Let the games begin!"

Movie came and went, one of the few (and better) movies staring Michael Keaton in a while, with good support from Griffi Dunne, Robert Downey Jr., and Harris Yulin. The stressig over each pitch of a game his team will eventually lose, and the thoughts and things he says to talk himself threw it are very accurate.

Nicky Rogan: The Red Soxs are always winning, until they lose.

Nicky Rogan: I coulda been happy. I coulda been a Yankees fan.

Nicky Rogan: When the Mets lose, they just lose. It's a flat feeling; there's nothing there. Now the Red Sox, now, here, we have a rich history of really fascinating ways to lose a crucial game. You know what I mean? Defeats that just keep you awake at night. They pound in your head like the hammer of fate. Yeah, you can analyze a Red Sox game day and night for a month and still uncover really complex layers of feelings. Feelings you didn't even know you were capable of having. Yeah. That kind of pain has a memory all of its own.

[They are watching the baseball game in a pub]
Toyota Moseby: Life is good!
Nicky Rogan: Baseball is life!
Anatoli Kaganovich: I opened thousands of brains.
Nicky Rogan: What'd you find?
Anatoli Kaganovich: Big mess every time.

[Nicky Rogan, in a taxi cab, sees his daughter in an adjacent taxi, exits his, and joins her in hers]
Nicky Rogan: How come I don't see you any more? Where are you, all day?
Laurel Rogan: [laughs sardonically] I'm at college. Thought you knew.
Nicky Rogan: You wanna get a coffee?
Laurel Rogan: I don't drink coffee, Daddy. This is not what we should be talking about.
Nicky Rogan: What do you want to talk about? I'll talk about anything you want to talk about. What's this?
[He picks up her radio]
Laurel Rogan: Senior Play tonight, remember?
Nicky Rogan: Why do you need a radio?
Laurel Rogan: So I can listen to the ball game at intermissions! Do you know that Mother is seeing a prominent divorce lawyer?
Nicky Rogan: Don't talk like that! Man! How prominent? What are you implying?
Laurel Rogan: She's doing like those Iranians. I divorce thee. I divorce thee. I divorce thee.

Laurel Rogan: [to her father] You know what Mother said to me? That Daddy's demons are so intense, he doesn't even know when he's lying.

Nicky Rogan: I don't get it. What's the fuss?
Elliott Litvak: He reviewed that one-act I did at the Fulton Fish Market. We did this play at four in the morning. Outdoors. In the rain. One performance. For fish handlers.
Nicky Rogan: And he was there?
Elliott Litvak: Steven Schwimmer. I memorized every line of this review.
Nicky Rogan: That's awful.
Elliott Litvak: I recite it to myself with masochistic relish.

Elliott Litvak: I can't write one word without imagining what his response is going to be. I am paralyzed as an artist.
Nicky Rogan: See, I don't have the problems you artists have.
Elliott Litvak: You've been saying that for years.
Nicky Rogan: What?
Elliott Litvak: "No, I'm just a professional. I'm a dues-paying member of the Guild." You are afraid, Nicky. That's the darkest part of you.

Joanna Bourne: [to Nicky] I just can't take it any more. He forgets simple lines, he forgets where to stand, and we tell him and we tell him and we tell him. I know he's a sweet man; I love Peter; I know it's not his fault. But I have never worked on a show where the leading man has a parasite in his brain.

Paisley Porter: [describing theater critic Steven Schwimmer to Nicky:] Steven not only wears disguises. He goes to the theater armed.

Paisley Porter: I didn't understand until today how much pain and anxiety you've been causing everybody with your reviews. Steven, it's completely unfair.
Steven Schwimmer: It's unfair?
Paisley Porter: Yes.
Steven Schwimmer: The truth is always unfair.
Paisley Porter: Well, it doesn't have to be.
Steven Schwimmer: Why do you think I live this way? Why do you think I'm, I'm taking electricity from the lamp-post
[he gestures outdoors]
Steven Schwimmer: and hiding out? Why?
Paisley Porter: Because you choose to.
Steven Schwimmer: No. Because people who write the truth are the outcasts of society. I can't live openly. I can't live in a nice door-man building, with my name on the mailbox, because they'd, they'd come after me in packs!
Paisley Porter: Not if you wrote the truth gently.
Steven Schwimmer: [in an upset tone] But the truth is never gentle.

Lillian Rogan: I want to be fair-minded, Nicky.
Nicky Rogan: [taking his attention away from the ball game on the pub's television] All right. All right. Okay. What's going on?
Lillian Rogan: I've been talking to a prominent divorce lawyer.
Nicky Rogan: [very seriously] How prominent?
Lillian Rogan: He has his own submarine.

[Toyota has mistaken Nicky for a murderous gangster, but because he speaks quietly, she speaks fearlessly]
Toyota Moseby: Your problem is, you want to take the easy way out. Losing is easy.
Nicky Rogan: No. Winning is easy. Losing is complicated. Losing's a lifetime's work.
½ November 2, 2010
Excellent acting and a nice little script. However, "Game 6" needs more development. It feels rushed - almost like an assignment turned in at the last second. A good film, though (underrated).
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