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Gamer Quotes

  • Simon: Cool, huh?
    Kable: No. Not cool. Pay attention to the fucking game!

  • Kable: What are you- twelve?
    Simon: Iâ??m seventeen actually, thank you. This is unbelievable.
    Simon: I'm seventeen actually, thank you. This is unbelievable.
    Kable: How am I not dead yet?â??
    Kable: How am I not dead yet?
    Simon: Because Iâ??m a badass motherfucker.
    Simon: Because I'm a badass motherfucker.

  • Geek Leader: Kable's made it through 28 battles. Every player in the game is trying to take him out.
    Ken Castle: Yeah, Kable is a perfect soldier. He's a tactical killing computer. His only vulnerability is the nanex itself. The delay between Simon's commands and Kable's ability to execute.
    Geek Leader: So why should this one be any different? Who controls him?
    Ken Castle: (long pause) No one.
    Ken Castle: [long pause] No one.

  • Ken Castle: What about you, sugar? I wonder if I might breach your firewall one of these days?
    Gina Parker Smith: You're bad!
    Board Op: He's good.

  • Kable: I need you to get me something.
    Trace: What, Tillman?
    Kable: Drunk.

  • Hackman: I've got no strings, so I have fun. I'm not tied up to anyone. They got strings, but you can see, there are no strings on me.

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