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Far better than its predecessor, I hope worldwide audiences see Gantz: Perfect Answer, because it's awfully entertaining. With excellent, fast-paced katana battles and boomtastic sci-fi action, it's a great blast of summer fun.

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A follow up to the original Gantz movie. This was pretty good. It goes into a little more detail as to what is going on with the whole Gantz situation, but leaves so much out. I still am pretty clueless... Good movie, though.

John Trifiletti
John Trifiletti

Entertaining if somewhat conventional follow-up to Gantz; now that everything has been established, the filmmakers cut loose with the suspense, action, thrills, and convolution -- and, as slick and well-staged as it all is, it somehow feels less inspired than what came before. At the end, I still had many questions (just what in the hell IS Gantz, exactly? Where did it come from? What is its overall purpose?), but it did satisfy me on an emotional level. From my understanding, this second film deviates quite heavily from the source material, and that probably accounts for its more straightforward and somewhat more predictable. I described the first as a WTF film with the production value of top Hollywood product; this one is just Hollywood product. So, all in all, I enjoyed these films, and I recommend them to anyone who's into dark, quirky sci-fi action (and doesn't mind reading subtitles) -- but, the more conventional path this one takes makes me want to seek out the source material and see just what in the hell is happening there.

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis

I enjoyed the first Gantz so without a doubt I went and checked out it sequel. While it's not a satisfying conclusion to the series, it still delivers. Gantz Perfect Answers continues the story of Kurono as fight to bring his friend Kato back to life and put an end to Gantz. The plot is a mixed bag. On one hand I like some of the new characters that were introduced, but they have no purpose in the plot. I thought the introduction of a miniature sized Gantz was interesting, but the plot never explains it purpose or bother to expand on the idea. The relationship between our heroes is just as interesting as before and the darker story does add some more excitement to the overall experience. I like the new alien race and they're a worthy opponents, but I am disappointed they look like humans. I will give the movie credits being thrilling and exciting, the encounter in the subway between our heroes and aliens is simply amazing. The ending could have been better, while it closes the story in a bittersweet manner. I felt it should have been better explain or at least answers some of the questions it left. Despite being on uneven in some area, the plot ultimately is fun to watch unfold. The special effects from the first Gantz were great and the same can be said for it sequel. The same cast members return and they elevated the uneven plot into something enjoyable. Even the cast members who played pointless characters were fun to watch. You can clearly tell the great chemistry between the cast who makes it worth sitting through, even in some of the more boring moments. The music is terrific in this and adds excitement to the movie more chaotic moments. Now there's another Gantz movie from that I found, ironically it's named Another Gantz. I would recommend it only for fans of the series. I found it quite boring due to the extensive amount of film footage it uses from the first movie. There some interesting subplots while adding additional footage for the side characters. While the additional detail is fine, it's basically the first Gantz told from a different perspective. It's a okay watch, but you'll be wanting more afterwards. Gantz Perfect Answer is not perfect, nor does it provides answers for all of it questions. What it is though is an exciting, thrilling, and fun sci-fi flick worth a watch.

Caesar Mendez
Caesar Mendez

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