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[b][u][size=3]Friday, October 6[/size][/u] 22. Gappa, the Triphibian Monsters (a.k.a. [/b][b]Daikyoj├╗ Gappa, [/b][b]Monster from a Prehistoric Planet).[/b] (1967) Nothing like a movie title that needs a comma. Are there any really good flicks with commas in the title? I can't think of one. This sure ain't one! Well, it ain't all that bad really. I think younger children who like classic Japanese monster movies would get a genuine kick out of these funky bird/reptile/fish creatures that stomp on buildings and scare many many asians. I thought it started very slow and picked up a bit in the middle. It's nowhere near as exciting as something like [i]King Kong Vs Godzilla[/i]. It's like they were compensating for having just one monster by making it a combination of something so rediculous as the 3 mentioned. It has wings, comb & beak, long (possibily detachable) tail and can shoot the breeze under the ocean with the fishes. Kids everywhere will scream "COOL!" at the TV screen. Oh, as the opening credits played I noticed it said "[i]so and so[/i] as MALE GAPPA....[i]so and so[/i] as FEMALE GAPPA". I didn't know what to think. They look just alike to me. I guess if you added breasts you'd have to make it a Quadphibian as it'd be a mammal too, with fur and such. They didnt wanna go there, I guess. :( But soon the little baby GAPPA snuggles with one of the larger ones while another looks on...and you kind of know who's who at that point. Awwwwwww.... :) :p Anyway, you can giggle while the smaller ones kind of enjoy this simple Japanese monster movie. 5/10 [img][/img] (do-it-yourself MST3K 8/10) [b]Trivia: [/b] Fans of the british classic TV comedy [i]Red Dwarf[/i] will recognize the Gappa since they are featured during the opening credits of many episodes. [IMG][/IMG] [size=1]I forgot they have built-in blow-torches. COOOOOL!![/size] [IMG][/IMG] [size=1]Bottom Gappa: "I'm about to go all Foghorn Leghorn on your ass!"[/size] [b]23. Coming soon! [/b]It stars Jack Nicholson....;) I'm still stuck at work. :(

James Perry
James Perry

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