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February 5, 2018
Despite plenty of drugs and a fair amount of sex, Garage Days asphyxiates from a lethal lack of rock'n roll.
September 1, 2005
July 16, 2005
April 2, 2005
January 17, 2005
...While the narrative is slight and trite, it is also well-observed
January 16, 2005
A fantastically fun film even though it lacks lavish spectacle.
January 9, 2004
I wouldn't want to hang out with these cats and I certainly wouldn't want them practicing in my garage, it's bad enough to sit through their movie.
October 22, 2003
September 7, 2003
Its sense of fun is infectious enough that it doesn't make a huge difference that it's light on the story side. Coupled with the visual style and the top-notch choice of music, it makes for a fun, if lightweight, experience.
August 5, 2003
Proyas is relentless in his attempts to infuse the material with visual zip, and in doing so, he only exacerbates its flimsiness.
August 2, 2003
While the plot line may not be overly complicated and Lynchian, it is in no way formulaic or simple either. Proyas leaves you wanting you to see his characters thrive, not necessarily as a band, but as friends.
July 29, 2003
The music in it is uniformly lousy, but one doesn't notice because everything surrounding it s even worse.
July 28, 2003
Its tricksy stylishness... is more of a distraction than a tonic for the feeling that we've seen all this before.
July 21, 2003
Proyas strays from the formula just often enough to keep us on our toes. The remainder is too slight and harmless to really condemn... even when it slips into clich.
July 20, 2003
...[Alex Proyas'] over-the-top sensibility keeps this admittedly routine storyline from becoming an all-out bore.
July 19, 2003
Proyas, an assured stylist, manages to elevate the film with a bright palette and an abundance of special effects.
July 18, 2003
It's a cute little movie, but compared to expectations of Alex Proyas, it's a letdown
July 18, 2003
A startling about-face for Australian director Alex Proyas, and an unwelcome one as well.
July 18, 2003
A movie of shopworn riffs and borrowed noise, dressed up with considerable surface polish and glam production values.
July 18, 2003
Garage Days feels like a movie that belongs in the garage; it's where you put things that you can't quite dismiss, but don't really like enough to have cluttering up your actual living quarters.
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