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April 7, 2012
Super sad, intense and traumatic
February 27, 2012
So difficult to watch. I had nightmares... The movie was well made, and the subject matter seemed to be covered quite tastefully considering... but this is definitely not a feel good movie ... you get an inside look at child prostitution that is a little too real. The idea that this is going on somewhere in the world right now and I can't do anything to stop it is so devastating to even think about. It's an unfortunate reality that parents have to teach their children about these kinds of dangers... The things you wish your children never had to know about are dangerous for them not to.... what's so disturbing is that this movie really highlights the fact that pedophiles don't look or act a certain way ... they could be anyone .... even someone you know and trust like a judge, or a friendly "neighbour" looking for their pet...
February 4, 2012
pretty good, a slow somber film, considering the topic. Ryan Simpkins does really well.
January 25, 2012
gardens of the night
January 23, 2012
I probably would have gone with an "OK+" (3.5 Stars ) if it had an ending with a resolution. I'm not fond of open ended movies.
December 10, 2011
Sick and twisted but it was still a good movie!
½ October 9, 2011
Tough to watch, tough to stomach at times.. But a little dose of reality can truly hit home. Felt a little long towards the end..
September 18, 2011
gillian jacobs and ryan simpkins put out great performances over a difficult characters and a difficult subject.
July 23, 2011
This is a very hard movie to watch. Tom Arnold was some real slime in this one. The ending was very satisfying although you have to feel the pain of the family that lost their little girl.
½ June 13, 2011
"Gardens of the Night" is a powerful and provoking film about a disturbing and all too real subject. There's a bitterness here that will not go away. Decent & disturbing picture i say SEE IT!!!
May 6, 2011
Exceptional story! I hated that she had to go thru that when she was 8 years old. Now her mind is all messed up.
May 6, 2011
This was a great movie. I don't understand why she didn't stay with her parents. I know she doesn't like the other life better.
½ April 16, 2011
The world is a vampire (Smashing Pumpkins). Wow, my soul my have been irreparably bruised by this indie movie of sorts. Though I often like depressing movies, this one is brutal (and could have been even worse had it been a little better made).

Simpkins is really a perfect little girl who is abducted. Her kidnappers convince her that her parents do not want her. Not the hardest thing, I imagine, to do to an eight year old. Smith is also in the house, and both are subjected to various sexual crimes.

Fast forward many years later, Simpkins has grown into Jacobs, really a gorgeous girl. Smith has grown into Ross. The duo has stayed together despite hardships, and both are involved in the sex trade.

I like these movies because they make it clear: bad acts do not necessarily constitute bad people. Had the little girl grown up at home, her life would be completely different. Same for the boy. Unfortunately, we live in a society far too stupid to see this, so we further the problems that could probably be fixed with a little patience and love (and probably a lot less money than to let the problems go).

It's a tough watch. The movie making process is criticized by some but I often pay more attention to story. The first half with the young kids is hard because Simpkins is so adorable and because the subject of the early scenes is pretty awful. Later, Jacobs is so pretty that you really want to like her and pull for her, and Ross is convincing as this good-at-the-core kid who really cares for her, but because of their situations, they continue making bad decisions. Even at the end, it's tough to imagine having to undo so many years of abuse. The saddest part of it all is that this goes on every day. Or even worse, that little is done about it.
April 9, 2011
Emotionally intense and compelling film, especially the first half.
March 22, 2011
Deeply disturbing, harrowing.
March 5, 2011
Interesante aunque intensa y depresiva, sobre todo para los que tienen hijos... Buenas actuaciones y una triste pero real historia
January 9, 2011
This kept me interested, but kind of for the wrong reasons. I found the whole thing very depressing, and it was hard to see the good in most of it. It's well acted, and it's a good story, it's just not something I'd care to see again.
November 11, 2010
Wow a powerful film. Crazy first person view of someone made to be someone they are not. We all should do something to help stop this. Low budget but it delivers.
November 5, 2010
I guess the acting and directing was acceptable, but I don't have much taste for STORIES such as this one.
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