Gas Food Lodging Reviews

February 6, 2020
Lone Skye swears very effectively as the troubled and troublesome Trudi.
May 15, 2018
The relationships of the women with their men and boys gives Gas, Food, Lodging its twists and turns, but its ultimate message is female bonding.
September 7, 2011
July 5, 2006
One of the major achievements of Anders' impressive debut is that it touches all the right issues of contemporary working class women without ever being stridently anti-male.
May 26, 2006
The down-to-earth quality and the earnest performances by Ione Skye and Fairuza Balk as small town sisters ground the film.
October 10, 2005
September 30, 2004
July 30, 2003
February 10, 2003
August 23, 2002
July 29, 2002
"an original look at familiar material"
January 1, 2000
July 10, 1992