Gaudi Afternoon Reviews

March 29, 2003
A kooky, madcap adventure set in Barcelona devolves into a sort of sub -sub-Almodovar picture. Stay for the opening credits, then leave.
March 24, 2003
For a while, the sheer exoticism of the characters and the setting provides a certain amount of interest, but the film's farcical situations, mostly involving the sexual orientation of its characters, ultimately prove tiresome.
March 21, 2003
A mildly entertaining gender-bender comedy set in Barcelona, never quite lives up to its excellent cast or the onetime promise of director Susan Seidelman.
March 20, 2003
What should be a souffl of gender-bending mischief is more like a bowl of oatmeal.
March 20, 2003
Even the crackpot architectural genius of Antonio Gaudi cannot elevate this silly little farce of sexual confusion from director Susan Seidelman and writer James Myhre.
March 18, 2003
The trumped-up alley-to-plaza intrigue could use more smoke and less mirrors.