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February 10, 2017
Y'all know you're watching these Gene Autry joints for those baller car chase scenes............... No, really, this one ends with a car chase scene.

I like that nobody knows what the hell the top criminal in town looks like, nevertheless top musician Gene Autry. Life before cellphones.... computers.....disposable cameras...... photographs? faces?

Anyhow, a guy knocks Gene Autry out, shoves his body out of a moving train through the window (!!!!!) and steals his identification so he can steal a whole ton of money that Autry left to a friend to help with his music club. Now he's roaming around town, making problems and shooting guys dead and everybody's convinced yup, sounds like Gene Autry. Now he's running around town trying to prove he is who he says he is and the other Autry is an imposter.

A lot of this felt like not-so-thinly veiled pandering so it was mostly bland. Good music, no emotion, vague action, mostly dopey.
July 20, 2013
Country music star Gene Autry sets out to clear his name after an outlaw disguises as him and murders his best friend. Cheap and cheerful western, the usual Gene Autry vehicle with some nice sing along tunes.
January 13, 2010
Generally routine Gene Autry western, it has the usual good singing, some romance as well as some action. The plot is a little above average though, a man is impersonating Gene Autry, and it causes complications.
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