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February 13, 2008
Do the filmmakers think we're morons? We're certainly treated as such, right from the beginning.
Full Review | Original Score: 0/5
March 9, 2004
Compelling viewing because of the tight-lipped, bull-headed performance by John Travolta in a starring role.
Read More | Original Score: 3/5
March 9, 2004
Effective enough as a thriller and an indictment of sexism in its most brutal form.
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July 2, 2003
an absurd, frequently offensive exploitation piece that's likely to take a place on many Ten Worst of 1999 lists.
April 25, 2003
No doubt about it, to divulge the plot would spoil the experience -- you'll be shocked to discover, and maybe even surprised to learn, just how lame the damn thing really is.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/4
February 8, 2003
Travolta is trying a little too hard here, and it shows.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
December 8, 2002
This may be the most gratuitous film I've seen this year.
Full Review | Original Score: 1.5/5
November 6, 2002
In terms of tone, the film is all over the map.
October 15, 2002
You know that thin line between disturbing and morbid? The General's Daughter tramples it into dust.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
June 5, 2002
Despite moments of mounting suspense, the film suffers from stilted unevenness.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5
April 3, 2002
Not a single scene or character rings true, and shame on anyone who can't pick out the murderer in the first reel.
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March 5, 2002
This salacious whodunit requires very little action, but an endless parade of dialogue scenes in which assorted suspects tell the investigating duo what happened, cueing thunderous flashbacks.
March 4, 2002
To betray a loved one or a friend is a grievous breech of trust. It is a form of murder, brutalizing the tenderness and intimacy of the soul.
June 2, 2001
...the plot is too shifty, the conspiracy too exaggerated, and the ending too pat for sustained credibility.
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May 11, 2001
A lurid mess, a Southern gumbo simmering in Gothic cliche.
April 17, 2001
Travolta wins hands down with his accent in a pleasingly intense performance that helps propel the story along.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
February 14, 2001
A middling, so-so thriller.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
January 1, 2000
For all the stars' intensity as investigators, nobody in this whodunit really seems interested in the upshot.
January 1, 2000
A consistently involving effort!
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
January 1, 2000
Its vision of reality seems so stylized, so fake, that I came out of it wondering whether it has the slightest idea what it's talking about.
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