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February 17, 2017
Watched this to try to better understand Bannon's motives. The main theme of the film is the idea of 20-year cycles, with a war every 4th cycle: predicts an upcoming war, which the filmmakers seem excited about as a fertile ground to rebuild the world. Lots of statements and opinions, but nothing to back them up. Any interviews with experts are short, out-of-context sound bites. In an interview, one "expert" actually asked "why didn't the dot com bubble happen in 1985 instead of 1995?" [for those too young to remember, the world wide web started in 1990, so dot com wasn't a thing in '85]. At one point, an interviewee seemed to be reading a statement from cue cards.

Focuses on Wall Street corruption and political collusion, but fails to zero in on names, blames the regulatory institutions instead. Implies that morals fell away with hippie generations of the 1960s and after, and that this somehow became the abdication of responsibility that causes financial corruption, but never makes the link clear. The film advocates for a return to protestant work ethic & less conspicuous consumption. Attempts to say both individualism and community volunteerism are the solution.
½ February 7, 2017
A bunch of phony populists
with pseudo-insightful 20/20 hindsight. Really, really bad.
August 15, 2013
This insightful and sobering documentary is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand how America got into its current financial crisis. The movie argues that societies go through four phases as they cycle and that America entered this final phase of collapse in 2008. The housing and mortgage crisis was not the failure of free market capitalism, but of failed government policy--a failure that was worsened by the response of the government by bailouts.
December 4, 2011
A Republican/Tea-Party propaganda film that blames the financial meltdown on Democrats and alike. More propaganda, logical fallacies and rewriting history.
November 25, 2011
Shallow propaganda piece that tries to pass the buck for the financial crisis from the yuppie generation to the hippies. Pathetic attempt with no credibility.
August 3, 2011
A shabby and transparent propaganda film.
October 10, 2010
Every American should watch this movie.... explores and makes a great case for the financial meltdown as a result of culture -- not capitalism!
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