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He built one Ark to save us from the flood, the other to protect us from evil.
Science Fiction & Fantasy , Television
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The worst possible military acting movie I have ever seen. In my three years in the Army I have never seen it ok to address an NCO (especially what appears to be a First Sergeant) by sir or ma'am and also call them Major. Piss poor acting, technique, absolutely no research done when making this movie. Critics give this bs two thumbs down and suicidal thoughts when trying to watch it

Jason Branch
Jason Branch

amanda crew and quick pacing make this a film that has some slight value as mindless entertainment, and its actually quite a bit better than most syfy original movies, but overall its your typical made for tv syfy/action flick. predictable, poorly acted, and cheesy effects.

danny d
danny d

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Slightly promising premise amounted to a monster shard. It creates a new myth about Noah and his Ark, so there's maybe a hint of it holding monsters (many of them, two by two?) but it's more like Indiana Jones' Ark that had just one monster trapped in it. And what a stupid 'monster' it is. Looking like a cross between a gorilla and an armadillo (not as cool as it sounds) it bounds around at a frame rate befitting no creature that should be put to film if it's meant to be at all plausible. To surmise here; terrible creature design. Oh and the most unbelievable group of archeologists discover this ark and monster being accompanied by almost equally absurdly stereotypical soldiers (cos it's set in Iraq don't you know). If this played as a comedy, there'd be something to salvage here. As it is, there's the seemingly up and coming Megan Fox-a-like Amanda Crew and that's it. Sorry. Pass. Crap, I watched it already (I need an 'un-watch' button).

Richard Groves
Richard Groves

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