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November 18, 2015
I knew my master was the best.

Genius Party displays a series of short stories that depict unique situations and circumstances for our heroes to overcome. The stories take place over separate eras and societies. Some plots are in the current time while others are in the future. The animation style is also unique for each short story.

"I'll let you have her for an hour."
"I have some unique habits."
"No problem!"

Five directors collaborate to deliver these anime short films. The storyline for these short stories are inconsistent as are the animation styles. I adored the first film and there were some other great animation and plots mixed in throughout this film.

"You're talking about the island of giants, right?"

I came across this on Netflix and added it to the queue. This was okay but a bit disappointing. I loved how it started out but there were some cheesy films mixed in with some very good ones. This is worth a viewing but doesn't live up to its potential.

"The ocean is huge."

Grade: C+
½ September 12, 2014
So far I've just watched Gala and Moondrive. Both are very original and interesting, the latter seems to be very much of the same style as the concept behind the Gorrillaz, so if that intrigues you then you need to watch this.
December 4, 2013
Wonderful day. First time went to Japan alone.
May 8, 2011
okay just watched the first one, unfortunately the first one is not in the flixster movie database yet... sigh...

i already wrote a review of the 7 shorts from the first genius party, so i will just write it here:

-- Genius Party (3.5 stars)

Genius Party (7.5/10): the animation is good, the visual idea is new, never seen something like this.

Shanghai Dragon (8/10): not a surreal like the previous. this is a fantasy. the main idea is focused in children's fantasy. this one is neat. at first, the chinese language seems strange with japanese anime style, but it is ok... the action is cool, and the most funny part is when the child use his powers! hahahaaa...

Deathic 4 (7.2/10): the story idea is funny. a zombie world. i think they can made this a full length movie if they want it, there are already a good back stroy for it. i like the surreal visual style for the zombie world...

Doorbell (7.8/10): hmm, the character illustration style is really old, many of 90s anime used this style. the stroy did not get a good explanation, i think it is up to the audience to judge what is the meaning of this short. for me, it have a good meaning to do what you can or be regretted later...

Limit Cycle (2/10): wtf is this. why would i want to be dictated about life? this is like the maker's theory and opinion about life. a boring and unwatchable anime. no story and the animation is too abstract to follow, too random, too artsy to become a great art. didn't watch the whole animation, stopped at one third of the anime.

Happy Machine (8/10): i like this surreal story, really painful to watched the baby. kinda reminded me with france animated movie, fantastic planet.

Baby Blue (6/10): the most ordinary story among all of genius party shorts. the story and animation is so-so. the classical musics doesn't fit with the anime.

-- Genius Party Beyond (2 stars)

Gala (4/10). visually great, but bad directing. really bad for the start.

Moondrive (7/10). funny story and sets.

Wanwa the Doggy (8/10). what a psychedelic trip. a kid with his fantasy. this really show what visual mind a kid has.

space and time can be completely put into a drawing. a flat and no depth drawing style. the animator really did

amazing work in here, the detail and the animation is great.

Toujin Kit (7/10). strange short. this is more like an idea for a full-length story. the alien looks distrubing...

Dimenssion Bomg (5/10). cool visual effects. but i don't understand what is this? -_-
March 26, 2011
I love "Dimension Bomb" from K?ji Morimoto. So perfect..
½ January 27, 2011
Dass Animes keine Grenzen kennen, beweisen diese fünf Kurzfilme von denen einer abgefahrener und mitreißender ist als der andere. Wirklich sehr bizarr aber auch sehr, sehr gut. Wer außergewöhnliche Filme mag, sollte sich genius party beyond definitiv ansehen (und den ersten Teil "genius party" natürlich auch)
½ January 6, 2011
Great experimental animation, it's a real party of visual effects. Interesting.
December 30, 2010





June 22, 2010
The first, which Flixster doesn't have, is slightly better. Very interesting if you're interested in experimental animation techniques.
½ January 20, 2010
I saw this because Ben Watkins (Juno Reactor) was attached, and I think he's generally got the Midas touch. The other anime I've seen that he's scored (A Brave Story) was my favorite I've ever seen. This is an above average series of shorts, but because of their length there wasn't enough time for any real character development. There's a reason why movies are generally "movie length". Oddly enough, I didn't care much about the music here. -shrug-
December 28, 2009
Superb collection of animated shorts. Morimoto's surreally haunting "Dimension Bomb" and Shinya Ohira's brilliantly imaginative "Wana The Doggie" are the best out of a group of shorts that deserves the title of Genius party. Watching this anthology provides one with a sampling of some of the edgiest and most innovative animation being produced in the world today.
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