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June 8, 2016
Genocide is an excellent documentary. It is about the heartbreaking testament to the strength and suffering of the Jewish people. Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor did awesome jobs directing this movie. The script is well written. Arnold Schwartzman did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture. Genocide is a must see.
July 17, 2015
THE BEST documentary on the anti-Semitic treachery that took place. This puts PBS, History Chan, etc, you name it, to shame.
Lord Naseby
Super Reviewer
August 14, 2011
Well this is the movie Wiesenhiemer wanted me to watch. So here it is.

I find I have a little trouble writing great reviews for documentaries but I'll give it my best shot here. This is only the 4th review (community and critic) for this film on this site.

This is a documentary about the history of antisemitism and the holocaust in Nazi Germany.

My first thoughts about this film during the first few minutes was that it was put together kinda like a grade school play. The delivery of the dialogue was clunky and it seemed...over-rehearsed. As I'm sure you know, this isn't something that I want at all from a film discussing a subject as important as it is horrifying. However, I do not feel that it continued that way. I am a History education major at UNC (Greeley) and I specialize in Reconstruction to WWII particularly WWII. so I would like to think that I know a thing or two about the Holocaust. I actually learned new things by watching this. It did what a good Holocaust movie does: horrify. It shows what hardships the Jews of Europe had to go through, it showed how they were killed like animals, and worst of all, it showed that the allied leaders such as Roosevelt and Chamberlain did not allow Jews into America and Britain. I am still not sure why that is exactly. But I am sure it is something that the leaders of the world really regret. I know I would.

People have posed the question to some (I think myself included) 'would you kill Hitler as a baby?' answer that yourself in the comments, but I say that no, I wouldn't The moment I would have killed Hitler was when he rolled into Austria to annex it for Germany. I would have been on a rooftop with a bazooka to blow that mini-mustached f***** off of the planet.

All that to say, this film was a good one. It is not the best Holocaust film that I have seen (not even close) but it was still very good.

Final Score: 34/40
Tomatometer rating: 100% with one review
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Tomatometer community rating: 31% with 83 ratings (mine included)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. The film was originally designed to be presented in a multi-screen format at a Los Angeles museum, with one 35mm projector, two 16mm projectors, and 18 slide projectors. Only after completion was it reformatted to be shown in standard film theaters.
July 31, 2010
Important message somewhat muted by a slick Hollywood approach.
½ May 17, 2010
This Academy Award winning documentary is extremely moving. There are so many holocaust stories out there, this one is more touching than most. The narration by Elizabeth Taylor and Orson Welles is quite remarkable. It does tend to be a bit over dramatic, but I feel it is necessary to make it?s point. Excellent use of footage from the time. It is so hard to believe all this happened, one of the saddest times in world history.
October 27, 2009
"Genocide" is a brief yet compelling documentary that traces the events leading to the extermination of the Jews during WW II in Europe. The documentary begins with a sobering reminder by the famous Nazi hunter, Simon Wiesenthal to never forget the atrocities perpetrated by humans against humans during that dark period in history that has come to be known as the Shoah or Holocaust. Viewers are initially shown the vibrant social life led by the Jews in Europe, especially in cities such as Warsaw in Poland. The documentary is fast-paced, and due to the short running time, about 83 mins, does not cover all the events in depth, but still makes for a compelling watch.

Narrated by both Orson Welles and Elizabeth Taylor, there is a sense of urgency in their narration that mirrors the desperation that the trapped Jews of Europe felt at that time. The most riveting aspect of this documentary for me was the heartwrenching eyewitness testimonies by survivors of the massacres at Babi Yar in the Ukraine, and also the Eishyshok massacre in Lithuania. These testimonies (as read by Elizabeth Taylor) coupled with the graphic photographs of Nazi brutalities made this quite an emotional viewing experience for me (as it is each time I watch a Holocaust drama or documentary). There is also an animated segment in this documentary based on the poem "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" by Pavel Friedman, who was incarcerated in Theresienstadt during WW II.

It's a pity that the DVD of this documentary has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I believe that it would be a good teaching resource for high school to college age history students. It's still available as a rental on online DVD rental sites.
October 25, 2009
everyone should see this movie
July 22, 2009
A good documentary that tries to understand or at least explore the hatred of the Jewish people and the events of their attempted extermination by the Nazis. Orson Welles narrates as well as a very dramatic Elizabeth Taylor.
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