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September 11, 2009
great violence !! body parts eeeeevry where!!
(i mean really ultra violent!!) dont think just because it?s animated - doesn?t mean it?s for kids!!,

the first 2 are the best! because they had interesting concepts and visuals

the middle 2 (however many there are anyway)were ok but they could have been better ,because the characters were deceived , parts connect to the first one!! like in another movie (Urotsukidoji!! or saw!!)

the last 2 episodes didn?t belong they were boring,
the video covers id seen indicated none of the last two eps.

ive always wanted to see this series but was too young if you love over the top violence see it!! you?ll soon be saying , man that?s more violent than other movies!!
(that would suck in real life seeming kids being shot to pieces though. )

what make the violence tolerable is that its got robots and psychic girls, and so on ....

you could compare this to Urotsukidoji because of the epic episodes!! (minus the sex ) btw the nudity sucked in this , theres more nudity in robotech (seriously)
March 25, 2009
Genocyber is a tasteless splatterfest, Something only the most gore loving anime fans can enjoy. This is just disgustingly awful, I've seen my share of violent anime films But This must be the most Disturbing. If you're not squeamish or easily offended and if you believe watching animated guts and gore is entertaining, give it a try. But as an anime fan, I've seen all kinds of violence but one thing i do not like is violence against children, we see kids being churned into minced meat by a chaingun mounted on a helicopter and for some reason, In incredible graphic detail.

The plot is just an excuse for gore and violence. Children, women, men everyone get slaughtered. The plot is very hard to follow but i don't think you'd watch this for the plot anyway. This is something only the hardest of splatterfest fans would enjoy. Recommended for fans of Guyver and M.D. geist.
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