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August 8, 2010
It was nice to see Errol Flynn get a role that didn't involve swords. A little slow to start, but overall a quality film. The family interactions were funny, and Flynn nails the part. Cocky, suave, and classy, with some great athletic ability. Recommended.
August 8, 2010
I couldn't sleep last night, so I caught this on TCM. Charismatic performance (as always) by Errol Flynn. Seeing as it's a classic Hollywood biopic, there's never any real question how it will end, and there's the usual feeling of facts/characters being glossed over, but it's a lot of fun to watch. Supposedly Flynn's favorite role, and it's easy to see why.
July 21, 2010
Un petit chef d'Å?uvre d'humour et de cinéma du maître Raoul Walsh avec un Errol Flynn au sommet de sa forme. Un grand classique sur la boxe à voir absolument.
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June 15, 2010
A Warner Brothers classic, that richly deserves a place among the pantheon of great boxing films, it tells the true-life story of James J. "Gentlemen Jim" Corbett, the colorful Irish-American boxer who became the first heavyweight champion of the world, under the new Marquis of Queensberry rules. The story follows Corbett played by Errol Flynn who delivers one of the finest and most charismatic performances of his career, as a ambitious bank clerk in San Francisco, who thru chance will fight the ex-boxing champion of England and win. That will eventually lead to a fearsome fight with the heavyweight champion of the world, the great John L. Sullivan a legendary ring king played by Ward Bond in brilliant larger-than-life performance which is one of the finest moments in his distinguished career. The film is also a fascinating look at the early days of boxing as a outlaw sport, with some exciting and realistic fight sequences, which well-staged and are highly effective. Flynn was actually an accomplished boxer and you can see it was him doing all of his stunts and no doubles, this role was Errol Flynn's favorite, he trained rigorously to master Corbett's gliding footwork, his deft jabbing and lighting left-hooking that were all Corbett trademarks. Magnificent supporting performances from Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, William Frawley, Minor Watson, and John Loder. Superlative direction by Raoul Walsh and impressive production values, convincingly recreating San Francisco circa 1887. A Knockout entertainment. Highly Recommended.
½ September 10, 2009
This is a really great and overlooked film. This is Errol Flynn's best performance and Ward Bond is the best among the excellent supporting cast. Very well made, fine direction by Raoul Walsh. It's Flynn's film all the way.
January 23, 2009
Nice little movie. Fairly predictable all-around, but there's only so much complaining one can do with Errol Flynn.
January 18, 2009
Si vous voulez comprendre pourquoi les Etats-Unis d'Amérique sont un pays fantastique que rien n'arrêtera jamais, voyez ou revoyez Gentleman Jim.
January 13, 2009
In most underdog stories, nobody wants the kid to succeed, but with indomitable determination and an exercise montage, he makes it to the top anyway. In Gentleman Jim, you almost take the other side. The film admits that Flynn is an arrogant jackass, and even those initially impressed by his talent wind up desperate to see him lose just so he'll get some of that smug pride knocked out of him. Still, he keeps backing up all his talk, which makes it as frustrating as it is fun to watch.
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January 3, 2009
Errol has one of his best roles here. How much is truth who knows but its well played and Alexis Smith is incredibly lovely.
July 23, 2008
I'm not a fan of boxing, but I really liked this movie. Errol Flynn was great as usual and it was a pretty good story.
½ April 22, 2008
Classique absolu ! Drôle, mélancolique à sa fin, Walsh n'a comme d'habitude pas foutu grand chose, mais le film reste un grand moment d'énergie, et rend sympathique une tête-à-claque arriviste (joué, d'ailleurs, par un type qui visiblement aurait tabassé des prostituées à mort, ça c'est moins cool).
½ January 17, 2008
A great period film about boxing in the early days. ERROL FLYNN!!!! can't go wrong there. Pretty good.
January 10, 2008
Good story on the biography of Jim Corbett!
December 27, 2007
Flynn is phenominal in this movie, one of his best performances.
November 19, 2007
good boxing movie and good errol flynn movie. if you're a fan of either, or just good old movies, see it
November 6, 2007
I'd heard a lot of good things about it and knew that it was Flynn's personal favourite of all the movies he'd starred in, so my expectations were ridiculously high - I could only be disappointed, right? Wrong. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. Flynn was never more charismatic and charming than in this movie, and he makes for a plausible boxer with some great foot-work and a terrific left jab. I think I enjoyed it even more than my other Flynn favourites, Robin Hood and The Sea Hawk. I laughed, I cried... I feel like I could re-watch it every day for the rest of my life.
September 22, 2007
It is based on a real life boxer. Saw it one late night on TNT and was hooked. I have seen this movie atleast 4 times since. Love the way flynn portrayed the character, considering he was a boxer himself.
½ September 13, 2007
Errol Flynn at his best - animated and most alive actor ever! great fun and good story.
August 8, 2005
This is a really great and overlooked film. This is Errol Flynn's best performance and Ward Bond is the best among the excellent supporting cast. Very well made, fine direction by Raoul Walsh. It's Flynn's film all the way.
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