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½ January 4, 2014
First reviewer! (I'd like to thank the Toronto Public Library, for being practically required by law to stock Canadian movies... ahem...)

George Ryga's working-class plainsongs are well-known in Western Canada, and his novel Hungry Hills, (while probably not as well known as his play, The Ecstasy of Rita Joe), provides the usual fare: a figure on the cusp of accepting his small-town fate or breaking free of it. The cinematography is quite good here, as is the plot, but the downfall of what could have been a Canadian classic is the acting. It's terrible, there's no other way to say it. Saskatchewan is pretty, though, and it's the kind of story that anyone growing up in rural Canada and/or the working class could relate to today - even if it is set more than 50 years ago. I've never read the novel, but I'd suggest picking it up instead, and only watching this movie if you're made to in school. Which, somehow, I wasn't... uh... I'd like to thank the Toronto Public Library...?
September 11, 2011
Saskatchewan, the 1950's: Snit Mandolin (Keir Gilchrist) escapes a boys reformatory and returns to his Aunt's (Gabreille Rose) farm and the townsfolk who have always shunned his family. Joining with childhood friend Johnny Swift (Alexander De Jordy) Snit begins bootlegging hoping to make enough money to save the farm. But Snits troubles are far from over with local lawman Roy Kane (John Pyper- Ferguson) hunting for the source of the moonshine, the townsfolk particularly shopkeeper Whittles (Cavan Cunnigham) are making clear there dislike for Snit and his family and events in Johnnys life are coming to a breaking point setting him on a collision course with Snit and a bad end.

Excellent peroid drama based on the novel by George Ryga (unread by me). Strong acting across the board especially from Pyper-Ferguson. Eschewing short cuts every character has several layers to them and well Kane is set up as the initial villian he proves to be more complex then that, without spoiling anything I'll simply say I loved his character arc. Great scenary. Recommended whole heartedly.

Now will someone tell me how frigging Cairo Time got voted best picture at TIFF 2009 when this was playing as well?
½ October 24, 2010
Snit Mandolin, who lost who he was to illegal electroshock therapy, and abused psychopathic 'girlfriend' Johnny Swift sell moonshine, Snit to support his aunt's farm, and Johnny to escape the starved hills of Saskatchewan and his volatile home life. Stunt double-less, with hypnotic visual effects simulating snow and rain. 'You watch yourself with him, or he'll take you somewhere you can't come back from.'
July 14, 2010
This was actually a very entertaining & interesting film i enjoyed it for the most part SEE IT!!!
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