George Best: All by Himself Reviews

August 23, 2018
Since the Oscar-winning success of Amy, the bar for biographical documentaries has been set high. Daniel Gordon's portrait of George Best clears it by a mile.
March 3, 2017
Don't expect many revelatory details from this fond, fair film.
March 2, 2017
There are several truly splendid moments to savour and candid interviews with some of the main players in George Best's life, especially his first wife Angie and old pals such as Pat Crerand and Mike Summerbee.
February 27, 2017
The sum total is effective and certainly no hagiography, it paints a rather complete and sad story.
February 26, 2017
The film is well put together and Best's talent shines in the archive footage, although you do wonder if he achieved quite as much to deserve all the adulation ...
February 26, 2017
Most of the talking-head interviews here are second tier and their insights little more than pub anecdotes.
February 24, 2017
Gordon does the double European footballer of the year more than justice, and the film should serve as a pedagogic tool for generations of gifted athletes from heretofore.
February 23, 2017
Best's fame had percolated to the farthest corners of consciousness, beyond soccer to stardom. And that was his curse, and his blessing.
February 23, 2017
A beautifully balanced perspective that extols Best's sublime skills while offering sobering analysis of how unprecedented fame (for a footballer), alcohol and his inner demons halted his progress.
February 23, 2017
Gordon's emotional documentary pays tribute to the incredible gifts of Best in his prime but it doesn't flinch from the long downward spiral of his decline.
February 23, 2017
If Best's story is a cautionary tale that's become a cliché across all walks of life, Gordon's film functions as a useful reminder that there's always a human being behind such tales.
February 23, 2017
Trundles out the same old ideas, without anything fresh in the way of context or perspective.
February 23, 2017
Gordon's documentary is punctuated with redtop headlines, as if the Daily Bilge and Sunday Schmooze were the authorities to trust on matters of fallen soccer princes.
February 23, 2017
Serves as a corrective to the image Best himself sought to project in the 'guest speaker' years of the playboy hellraiser.
February 22, 2017
This is an illuminating and moving film which shows Best at his seediest and most pathetic but never loses sight of the brilliance that made the homesick kid from Belfast into football's first superstar.
February 21, 2017
A harrowing insight into the nature of celebrity.
February 20, 2017
The turbulent story presented here inevitably becomes a cautionary rather than celebratory tale.
February 20, 2017
The film reminds us of his genius, without sugar-coating his self-destructive tendencies.