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½ August 27, 2012
Just stumbled across this early 90's FOX show which ran along with the early Simpsons and Married With Children series. I barely recalled it and so had to watch it this show which was too dark and twisted for the network.

It is twisted and got more so as it went on. Still it was quite funny and original and honestly ahead of it's time.

The character is a psychotic and delusional 30 year old misfit paper boy who still lives at home and has only one friend who is married to a hot but controlling bitch who hates Chris. Chris' parents don't much care for him either. His other friends are the 12 year old newspaper boys who he works with.

Chris often does psychotic or wildly stupid things and often gets injured or killed, much like Kenny from South Park years later Chris always appears again later fine.

The show is surreal and one of a kind, sadly not catching on and being ended before the end of the second season. I could use a few more seasons of get a Life. Just saw Chris Elliot on Conan and he looks much the same, he could maybe do a movie?
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