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November 29, 2020
A recommendation for those prepared for a raunchy good time.
September 8, 2020
Sarah Marshall? She's forgotten. It's Aldous Snow I can't forget.
June 7, 2019
The filmmakers hold nothing back, and most of the laughs go right for the throat.
October 30, 2018
There's a perfectly neat way to wind this up without the nauseating dog's breakfast the final act becomes, with every disgusting thing thrown in, gobbled up, regurgitated with horrible hacking noises, and eaten again.
August 30, 2018
I like to think I have a sense of humour, but this is horribly tiresome and probably only fit for teenage boys, who do seem to get a buzz from this sort of thing.
September 11, 2017
Either way, it--and the movie--is annoying.
August 23, 2017
Hill is loveable as the good guy forced to do bad things that upset his medical missus, played by Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss, and Australian actress Rose Byrne from Damages is a revelation as Aldous's cockney ex-lover.
October 7, 2015
With the film's plot becoming increasingly improbable, a happy ending just seems disingenuous.
November 9, 2013
Get Him To The Greek is absolutely hilarious. With great music and amusing chemistry between the two leads, it's definitely a must-see.
October 10, 2012
While it's not the classic comedy that you haven't lived until you see it, 'Greek' is more than good enough for a few, goofy laughs.
October 1, 2012
What we end up with here is a tonally confused film with jokes that mostly miss and some good performances from the leads.
September 28, 2012
The jury's still out on Brand as a leading man, at least on this evidence, but chances are you won't find a vehicle better suited to his comic sensibilities than this one.
June 2, 2012
Diddy's scene-stealing work proves that he should really take a break from trying to prove his Serious Acting Chops and do more comedy.
February 18, 2012
November 18, 2011
November 5, 2011
... Likely to be one of the year's best comedies.
November 4, 2010
To put it in rock 'n' roll terms, you'd go to the gig but you wouldn't buy the t-shirt.
October 21, 2010
For the music lovers: If Superbad, Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are Radiohead's The Bends, OK Computer and Kid A, Get Him To The Greek is their Amnesiac.
October 14, 2010
Quite sadly Get Him to the Greek just doesn't work in the way it was meant to. Despite an ambitious metaphor, the film is far too mean-spirited to tickle our funny-bone.
September 12, 2010
Nesavrena, ali sasvim probavljiva holivudska zabava za ove vruće ljetne dane
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