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February 3, 2018
Zhang Yang's Chinese road film is a fine mix of comedy and pathos, anchored by a solid performance from Zhao Benshan.
August 8, 2013
This must be one of the best little known movies out there. You don't know if you should laugh or cry about this one, but is one of the best and fresh plots out there.
½ December 5, 2012
Great black comedy, Impressive & fun
July 18, 2012
A fun but emotional episodic dramedy about a man on a journey to fulfill a promise to take his deceased friend back to his hometown. Although both heartwarming and sad, this enjoyable story shows the power of friendship and trust.
½ April 27, 2012
With some highway movie style. Interesting and meaningful.
October 6, 2011
filme sobre amizade e respeito entre 2 homens de origem simples.
September 3, 2011
It's a good movie indeed, tragedy and comedy in the same time.
½ July 10, 2011
Running around with a dead person, this story made me sick
½ May 21, 2011
Zhao e Liu so colegas de trabalho e velhos amigos. Eles fazem parte dos inmeros homens do campo que migraram para Shenzen em busca de um bom salrio. Certa noite, os dois saem para beber e, subitamente, Zhao se d conta que Liu morreu. Ele decide, ento, cumprir a promessa de levar o corpo do outro para ser enterrado na sua cidade natal. Quase sem dinheiro no bolso e com um cadver nas costas, Zhao parte numa odissia atravs da China. No caminho, conhece tipos emblemticos das classes populares chinesas.
½ April 28, 2011
Very good story and performances.
January 28, 2011
中-"... (C) 3/4趣("
½ January 16, 2011
3/4? 1/2
September 19, 2010
A very touching and sincerely story! It shown you the glory of human nature. I do really love it! Highly recommended.
August 26, 2010
home is always the best place.
love the movie except the ending part.
the ending sux.
August 13, 2010
August 13, 2010
An amusing tale and an interesting view of rural China.
½ August 13, 2010
Black comedy, it is. Nonetheless, enjoy the ride very much. Quirky and revealing. Ah, to have a friend like the protagonist, what could I ask for in life? I like the way the film facets of China's evolving economic and social landscape, especially the conmen. haha... this is from someone who backpacked to China before. :P Must watch, especially when spirits are down. Uplifting!
August 13, 2010
l'amitié la vrai
a la chinoise...
½ August 13, 2010
I am going to use this movie to conclude my modern chinese history course.
August 13, 2010
watched recently.. touching and warm with a little bit sad...nice Chinese movie!
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