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January 1, 2013
Best lines? "Is this thing ever gonna end?" "Not even close." "I shore wish this thang coulda turned out different."
March 19, 2012
It all seems so wearyingly old fashioned: teenage delinquents on motorbikes, creaky incarnations of Satan, a rock'n'roll take on dangerous cool.
July 6, 2010
Cage needs to produce something special next to make up for crimes against cinema.
July 6, 2010
The worst adaptation of a Marvel Comics hero yet.
April 29, 2009
Shamelessly cribs from the "Spawn" film.
April 23, 2009
If Nicolas Cage weren't a goofball with a hunky physique and droll wit, this Marvel-comic-to-big-screen adaptation would have no torque at all.
February 2, 2009
Seeing Ghost Rider is like going to Saturday matinee serials at the Rialto eons ago. It's a fanciful, puerile experience -- a fun day out for 9-year olds. Ghost Rider is a ridiculous melange of cheesy effects, talentless extras, corny plot and insi
October 18, 2008
August 7, 2008
Johnson might have diverted some of his CGI budget to hire a writer to come up with a story with some internal logic -- then he could match the effects to the story rather than vice versa.
January 15, 2008
It's not a complete wash, a la Catwoman, but it ain't far off.
October 25, 2007
Director Mark Steven Johnson is infinitely less concerned with exploring Blaze's smoldering, soul-deprived isolation than he is infatuated with the character's skull-'n'-bones imagery.
September 22, 2007
At nearly two hours, Ghost Rider is a little long for a guilty pleasure.
July 14, 2007
Easily joins the ranks of ... throw-away superhero movies made for a quick buck.
July 11, 2007
... Ghost Rider still manages to be a pretty enjoyable diversion if you don't hold it under close scrutiny. Or better yet, any scrutiny. (Extended Cut)
July 6, 2007
Ghost Rider as a whole adopts Cage's personality, which means it's watchable but seems to be kidding around a lot.
June 25, 2007
Ghost Rider fails for the same reason every bad movie does: poor storytelling and bad acting.
April 28, 2007
An abysmal excuse of a film featuring Nicolas Cage's worst performance yet and only marginally improving on the Spawn formula.
March 30, 2007
Cage has to collect Satan's unpaid debts, meaning that he becomes a demon biker with a flaming skull for a head - and that's about it for this one-note film.
March 15, 2007
When Blaze explains that he may not have a soul but he still has spirit, it's a little like saying, "I may have no heart, but I do have an organ in my chest that pumps blood through my body."
March 9, 2007
Sometimes it sizzles. Sometimes it's a pale shadow of the comic book.
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