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August 29, 2016
This movie is good only because it's a classic.
August 27, 2016
With the new movie that just came out, I thought that this would be a good time to talk about the original GHOSTBUSTERS movie. Since it's a movie that came out in the 80's and it's not exactly family-oriented, I have virtually no nostalgia over this movie. I never watched this film as a kid. The first time I actually watched it was when it was re-released in theaters for its 30th anniversary.

As a standard film, it's fine. But as a summer blockbuster, this movie is a perfect definition of that. It's mindless fun and entertainment with goofy but very likable characters performed by some very enjoyable actors. The basic concept of three guys who start a business to catch ghosts that apparently go on a rampage in New York City is pretty ridiculous, but at the same time unique. And I really like how they go all the way with the absurdity of this idea and don't take it that seriously. The witty and humorous writing along with superbly entertaining performances from Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis, and that super catchy song are what make this movie for me. Seriously, who doesn't know that song? The chemistry between the three main characters works off wonderfully, and is responsible for about 75% of my overall enjoyment of the film.

The stuff that centers around the main characters is just okay for me. When it focuses on them, it's fun and entertaining. But when it doesn't, it's not all that interesting. I don't really care about the secretary, or the relationship between Dana and Venkman, or the weird situations with the nerdy guy. Though it is pretty cool to know that Rick Moranis had improvised a lot of his lines.
Some of the special effects still look good to this day. The practicality of paranormal activity, like the eggs popping out of their shells, papers flying out of the cabinets, even the animation on Slimer still holds up pretty well. But some effects do not hold up well, like... at all. Most of the shots in the climax are obviously blue screen shots with models of buildings, and especially the stop-motion done on that possessed dog creature thing looks really bad. It probably didn't even look that good when the movie first came out.

I'm not a huge fan of the original GHOSTBUSTERS, It's not among my favorite movies of all time. But for an entertainingly mindless 2 hour film with enjoyable characters and a lot of memorable lines, it's a perfect and fun summer movie. Just not something I would watch over and over again.

Grade: B+
½ August 21, 2016
This is still one of the great classics that needs to be watched by everyone at least once in their life. Sure, some of the effects are dated, but at least it is still fun to watch. I will always love this movie.
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½ August 21, 2016
I know a lot of Gen-Xers hold a nostalgic place in their hearts for the original "Ghostbusters," but I just couldn't really get into it. Bill Murray's lazy snark is just not my cuppa, and the demon hunting plot is just kinda whatever.
August 19, 2016
Great comedy flick! It combines excellent humor with intense visuals and an intricate plot! Would certainly recommend watching!
½ August 19, 2016
The jokes and gags hold up to this day, even if the special effects didn't age so well.
½ August 16, 2016
You know who you're going to call...
August 15, 2016
Ghostbusters is another great 80's movie. It has action, adventure, and even some comedy. Ghostbusters is an all around great movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone.
August 14, 2016
Ghostbusters is one of the greatest comedies of all time. Showcases Bill Murray in his best performace, and it wasn't even meant for him to play Venkman. Hilarious action, great one-liners, amazing insults, Ghostbusters quite simply, came, saw and kicked 1984's ass.
½ August 14, 2016
Ok, what is there to say about this film that the whole world doesnt already know ? Im here to mention that this movie still scares me in certain parts STILL to this day, even though theres a lot of comedy proportion it in. Especially the activity in Dana`s apartment starting with her fridge, and then when she is on the phone and then gets sucked into the doorway while sitting in her couch in the living room. The creepy music that goes along with it, like a rooftop camera angle looking down onto the street that Dana lives on (i think we all know the music)
30 years on, still watching it again, nothing beats the eerie, hair standing feeling in Dana`s apartment with those 2 main scenes.
½ August 13, 2016
I can understand how this movie was so popular when it came out... but by today's standards, it's kind of boring.
August 12, 2016
It is funny, sometimes even scary, but overall very vanilla.
½ August 12, 2016
I liked the guys, except for Peter. He's charming and witty, sure, but he's a creep who hits on his students, asks a woman if she's on her period (even the movie calls him out on this one), and then doesn't take "no" for an answer from Dana. I did love his scene with Walter Peck; great timing, great wit, great rivalry.
Whereas I liked the first two thirds of the 2016 movie and thought the ending was weak, here the first half kinda dragged along. However, the showdown with Gozer was solid comedy. Winston was criminally underused though; it would've been better if he were part of the team from the start, as there was no point to him being the new guy.
I guess the new and old movies break even for me.
August 10, 2016
really interesting movie it has lots of action really cool special effects especially the ghosts look awesome the plot is engaging same with the characters and the comedy is really funny
August 9, 2016
Unfortunately I'm too young to have experienced it when it came out. But I vividly remember my dad showing it to me when I was young. Since then it has remained my favorite movie. It's hilarious. Insanely quotable and dramatic. It's been my favorite movie for 15 years and it'll take a hell of a flick to unseat it!
½ August 8, 2016
Ghostbusters is original, funny, and has a great cast. The movie also came with a great song. This movie is a certified 80s Classic. Ghostbusters gets an A.
August 8, 2016
Not my kind of funny or entertaining, but still manages to use original and imaginative ways to keep me watching while presenting great special effects taking into account the many years that have already passed since it was made.
August 8, 2016
"He slimed me."

I am going to get such a bollocking for this review...but here it goes...

The main plot of Ghostbusters basically entails three scientific parapsychologists who aim to help others with their paranormal removal service based in New York City.

So, Ghostbusters has some pretty impressive visuals for the time. Actually, really superb effects that even hold up today. That, and some great one liners from Bill Muarry make up the shining parts of this movie. Sure, it can also be periodically fun, I admit seeing a giant Marshmallow man tear through the streets of New York in fury is highly amusing and playful.

That's all I have to praise about Ghostbusters.

Go ahead, say what you want down in the comments, but it is beyond physically comprehensible to me how this is considered a 'Masterpiece' in some minds. First of all, where is the plot? There is literally no driving motive in this entire film apart from 'We're the Ghostbusters so....well yeah we have to' and a shoehorned post-appocalypto mumbo jumbo wave to start off the ending in the third act. We have characters, who you simply do not care about because the story rams them in head first. The opening title of 'Ghostbusters' does not layer something comical, humorous, spooky or profane. No. It layers a fucking street. This seems to be a table read of Ghostbusters, with some actors saying what they're going to think, say and do without doing it. I swear on my mothers life, I had to check if I was watching 'Ghostbusters 2' accidentally in light of the sequels mixed reviews before I realised I was watching what in my mind, is now one of the most over-hyped, overplayed and unbelievably praised films of all time.

Who you gonna call? Someone more entertaining and Charming hopefully. I swear, If the SNL sketch 'funinism' reboot is better than this, I will be so internally broken.


August 6, 2016
One of the best films of the 80's, with Aykroyd & Ramis at the top of their writing game. Spectacular pacing & effects, and succeeds at both the horror and the comedy level.
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