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Ghosts of Mississippi Quotes

  • Bobby DeLaughter: (Addressing the jury in summation) Today, thirty years later, I'm askin' you twelve, ladies and gentlemen to act boldly; to hold this defendant accountable and find him guilty... simply because it is right, it is just, and Lord knows, it is time. Is it ever too late to do the right thing?

  • Myrlie Evers: (Quoting Medgar Evers) When you hate, the only one that suffers is you because most of the people you hate don't know it and the rest don't care.

  • Bobby DeLaughter: (about Medgar Evers' widow pursuing the murder case for decades) I think about her keepin' this thing alive all this time. Imagine a woman lovin' a man so much.
    Charlie Crisco: Hell, I can't even get a woman to love me while I'm still alive.

  • Bobby DeLaughter: We never get even for the wrong we've done.

  • Bobby DeLaughter: I don't see what difference it makes if a man was bushwhacked yesterday, today or twenty seven damn years ago. Murder is murder. And it's still my job to bring the son of a bitch to justice. And it's still your job to help me.

  • Bobby DeLaughter: Well, yours a nuclear powered lasergun. I'm talkin' about hanguns and rifles.

  • Bobby DeLaughter: Grandpa Russell had guns all over his house and we don't have any guns.

  • Byron De La Beckwith: Free at last, free at last... Great God Almighty, I'm free at last!

  • Myrlie Evers: I don't know if I'm goin' to heaven or to hell, but I'm goin' from Jackson.

  • Byron De La Beckwith: I'm free
    Byron De La Beckwith: I'm free.

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