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June 26, 2014
A solid continuation of the original series.
½ September 7, 2013
used to love this as a kid
½ December 3, 2011
Enjoyed this more than the live-action film. Overall it was pleasantly mediocre, and Cobra Commander was pretty funny.
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½ October 25, 2011
Not the best Gi Joe Movie but still good
½ April 14, 2011
The original show was always a little cheesy and childish but this is just ridiculous.
December 1, 2009
alright not better than original GI JOE
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November 14, 2009
Pretty funny and interesting plot for a kids movie

G.I. Joe, perennial icon of American boyhood, gets a 21st-century update in a new CGI-animated children's series of thrilling military adventure. In this action-packed movie, as America's daring, highly trained special mission force, the G.I. Joe team faces its greatest threat yet from the evil Cobra Organization. Under the direction of Cobra Commander, DNA from the world's most ferocious animals has been combined with human soldiers to create a virtually unstoppable army of venom troopers. Led by Duke, Heavy Duty, Scarlett and Snake Eyes, the heroic G.I. Joe team fights this new menace in a battle to save humanity. But what happens when one of GI Joe's own commandos gets turned into the ultimate venomized super soldier, Venoumus Maximus? Can Cobra control such a creature and if so, how can GI Joe stop it? Find out in G.I. JOE: VALOR vs VENOM!
June 24, 2009
I KNOW i rated this. What's up with the disappearing ratings?

No where near perfect, but not terrible. They fix beacheads horrid voice, and that makes me happy, but it still relies too heavy on sci-fi.

Why on earth does the "more like this" include the ghosts of missippi? or the synopsis say "action here G.I.Joe and his team..." flixster is proving to be rather dumb lately
March 26, 2008
Una historia más. No es mi animación favorita, pero igual entretiene... algo.
½ December 6, 2007
Damn if I didn't enjoy the hell out of this. I've always been a fan of G.I. Joes and even though this is different from the old cartoon, there's still some cool stuff in it. The fights are great, the action's good and the movie's just a lot of fun. Sure, it's geared towards kids but still, I'd take this over some shitty Amanda Bynes movie any day.
October 16, 2007
my son enjoyed this way more than I did..But then again I grew up on the real stuff....Yo Joe !!!
½ September 18, 2007
i also have raised an army of animal-human hybrids, they're called lawyers
September 11, 2007
G.I. Joes visual upgrade..AND with better toys..
½ July 6, 2007
New versions of the classic characters,but lacks the feeling
of team work.
June 5, 2007
I am a huge G.I. Joe fan. I HAD to buy this. Unfortunately, this film has strayed from the original cartoon series and is more oriented to children. I enjoyed it, but why did Dr. Mindbender have to be a NERD IN A LAB COAT? The old Mindbender did nothing but situps and experiments...he would kick this new fool's sorry ass.
May 30, 2007
i have been ina g.i.joe mood for a while and now i even have my 4 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son asking to see this and the other g.i.joe movies.
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½ January 24, 2007
terrible compared to the old school gi joe stuff
December 22, 2006
nephew loves this movie
December 3, 2006
I would like to see this, i think...
½ October 28, 2006
most retarded thing EVER
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