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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Quotes

  • Cobra Commander: The Cobra Revolution has begun.

  • Cobra Commander: I want it all!

  • Cobra Commander: Destro, you're out of the band!

  • Firefly: Let me see that face!

  • Duke: Hell yeah!

  • Firefly: Boom!

  • Flint: Yeah,that'll work.
    Flint: Yeah, that'll work.

  • Flint: Merry Christmas

  • General Joe Colton: Sure you don't need anything?
    Storm Shadow: I brought my own.

  • Duke: Drive it like you stole it!
    Roadblock: As your good friend, you need a new catchphrase!

  • Roadblock: Don't let me die tonight.

  • General Joe Colton: Call me Joe.

  • Storm Shadow: Welcome to hell!

  • Roadblock: What Cobra did to us, they're gonna do to the world!

  • Roadblock: Let me get this straight. One whole weekend you looking after my little girls.
    Duke: Yup. As long as I can bring this. I love your kids but they live to terrorize me.

  • Duke: Ride Them Like You Stole Thme
    Duke: Ride it like you stole it.

  • General Joe Colton: My cholesterol is a little high.

  • Roadblock: World ain't going to save itself.

  • Roadblock: It's there is no one we can trust.
    Duke: There is one man
    Duke: There is one man.

  • Duke: Security is early
    Duke: Security is early.

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