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Bizarre and clumsily plotted, Gigli is a mess. As for its stars, Affleck and Lopez lack chemistry.



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Larry Gigli, a lowly hit man in Los Angeles, who is looking to finally score big, lands the perfect "job"--or so he thinks. He is assigned to kidnap Brian, the psychologically challenged younger brother of a powerful federal prosecutor, in order to save his mobster boss from incarceration. Holed-up in his one-bedroom apartment with his kidnap victim Brian, Gigli starts to realize that what he thought would be a routine assignment has become a daunting and unwieldy task. Ricki, a beautiful, independent-minded female gangster, is sent to assist Gigli with the kidnapping--as his boss doesn't have faith that Gigli can carry out the job on his own. But when his feelings for the elusive Ricki begin to grow, and he becomes genuinely concerned for the vulnerable Brian, tough guy Gigli begins to trade in his tough exterior, for a more human, sensitive one--and considering his profession, that could be quite a dangerous path to follow.

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Ben Affleck
as Larry Gigli
Christopher Walken
as Det. Stanley Jacobellis
Al Pacino
as Starkman
Lainie Kazan
as Mrs. Gigli
Alex Fatovich
as Packing Store Clerk
Terry Camilleri
as Man in Dryer
Peter Van Norden
as Morgue Attendant
Terrance Camilleri
as Man in Dryer
Robert Silver
as Man in Debt
Todd Giebenhain
as High School Kid No. 1
Brian Sites
as High School Kid No. 2
Brian Casey
as High School Kid No. 3
Les Bradford
as High School Kid No. 4
David Bonfadini
as High School Kid No. 5
RJ Durell
as Beach Dancer
Dwight P. Ketchum
as High School Kid No. 6
Shelby Fenner
as Australian Dancer
David Backus
as Laundry Customer
David Pressman
as Assistant Director
R.J. Durrell
as Beach Dancer
Nadine Ellis
as Beach Dancer
Hunter Hamilton
as Beach Dancer
Samuel Harper
as Beach Dancer
Zach Hensler
as Beach Dancer
Scott Hislop
as Beach Dancer
Melanie Lewis
as Beach Dancer
Kim McSwain
as Beach Dancer
Ross Mulholland
as Beach Dancer
Brandi Oglesby
as Beach Dancer
Robert Schultz
as Beach Dancer
Matt Sergott
as Beach Dancer
Megan Stephens
as Beach Dancer
Luis Alberto Martinez
as Adult Care Resident
Giggi Thesman
as Beach Dancer
Nikki Tauzon
as Beach Dancer
Robert Vinson
as Beach Dancer
Tara Wilson
as Beach Dancer
Kelly Cooper
as Beach Dancer
Shaun Earl
as Beach Dancer
Samuel Luis Givens
as Beach Dancer
Stacey Harper
as Beach Dancer
Brandon Henschel
as Beach Dancer
Robert Hoffman (X)
as Beach Dancer
Elaine Klimaszewski
as Beach Dancer
Brooke Long
as Beach Dancer
Mark Meismer
as Beach Dancer
Jenni Oborne
as Beach Dancer
Zeke Ruelas
as Beach Dancer
Jenny Seeger
as Beach Dancer
Nikki Tuazon
as Beach Dancer
Jeri Slaughter
as Beach Dancer
Jenny Lynn Suckling
as Beach Dancer
Lisa Thompson
as Beach Dancer
Salvatore Vassallo
as Beach Dancer
Kevin Wilson
as Beach Dancer
Tovaris Wilson
as Beach Dancer
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  • Jun 14, 2016
    It is not one of the worst movies ever made like many people say, but it is interminable, structurally messy and the dialogue can be hideous sometimes, with the biggest problem being Lopez's complete lack of charisma and nonexistent chemistry with Affleck.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 31, 2014
    Worthy of every bit of its infamous reputation, Gigli is an amazingly bad rom-com. Ben Affleck gives a terrible performance, as does Jennifer Lopez. And it's only made worse by the cameos of Christopher Walken and Al Pacino (who show-up everyone who dares to share the screen with them). But part of the problem can be attributed to the writing, as the dialog is horrendous. The tone of the film is also an issue, as there's a lot of disparate elements that don't quite fit together. While Gigli has a few things going for it, is ends up being a disastrous mess.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 04, 2013
    OMG! It's like watching a train wreck (without the dead people). Sadly, I can't say there are no injuries -- at least as far as public respect might go. I thought this was so bad that on reflection, it became funny. Think "funny" in the sense that "The Room" is funny for all its delicious incompetence. This movie is a must-see for anyone into truly bad cinema -- but if you're looking for simple entertainment or nonvegitative stimulation, this film ain't for you.
    Christian C Super Reviewer
  • Dec 29, 2012
    Gigli...original title, huh? Gigli tries to be a smart comedy-crime movie, instead it has no comedy nor crime, its just a boring 2 hour movie with nothing interesting in it and goes to new lows on the two genre's. Now, the performers: Ben Affleck is supposed to play this smooth and charming hit-man...instead he plays an absolute d***, who is angry with poor Justin Bartha who has mental problems, screaming and shouting at him, and thinking he's the boss. Affleck is unappealing, uninteresting and just dumb, never thought he was the leader in the movie, but good thing his career changed thanks to his other films and the ones his directing (Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo). Justin Bartha plays the mental person in this movie, and even though he sometimes is appealing, he also was annoying and loud, but at least you kinda feel bad for his character who has those problems, so he was a so-so to me. The best performance in the movie (and probably the only thing good in the movie) was Jennifer Lopez, she was cute, charming, appealing, sexy and she looked like the leader in the movie more the Affleck. Still, she has that line in the movie..."It's turkey time..gobble gobble" leaves you saying "...what?", so yeah it was nice to know that the female lead wasn't terrible, she was better than I thought. However, the messy and terrible script can't save Lopez's exceptional acting, making her look worse with Affleck and anybody involved in this movie. Also, Affleck and Lopez have absolutely no chemistry, it looked force and they were at that time "Bennifer" can there chemistry fail? Makes you wonder why it failed. Then we go too the cameos of Christopher Walken who gave the most bizarre performance ever, everything he was saying didn't make any sense (again, terrible script) and Al Pacino who had no meaning whatsoever to be in the film, he was there to be.....there. In the end Gigli has no thrills, a few empty chuckles, a waste of talented actors, a messy script, lackluster chemistry between its leads, it's 2 hours of boringness and it never decides what it wants to be, worst movie of all time? not really but its the biggest train wreck of a movie I have ever seen.
    Angel G Super Reviewer

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