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July 14, 2005
It's "Gilmore Girls" versus The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - Round 5. In one corner stands "Gilmore Girls," a surly WB dramedy starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as an inseperable mother-daughter team. Quick-witted, touching and often hilarious, "Gilmore Girls" is easily the best written and performed show on television, network or cable. Amy Sherman-Palladino, who writes and produces the show with her husband Daniel Palladino, decorates the show with prime-time's most ecclectic supporting characters while keeping the entire cast poignant and intelligent. Cough, and you'll likely miss several of an episode's quick-fire banter centered on pop culture both permeating and obscure. (In fact, the second and third seasons of "Gilmore Girls" on DVD provide 'A Guide To Gilmore-isms' to keep everyone in the loop.) In May of 2005, "Gilmore Girls" wrapped up its fifth season - one of the show's finest to which both critics and audiences can atest. In the other corner should be The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, but for the fifth year in a row, they have failed to honor "Gilmore Girls" with its presence. Yes, yes, "Desperate Housewives" is a worthy series, and the show deserves many of its Emmy nominations. And while "Will & Grace" remains one of TV's favorites, this past season was not one of its strongest yet Truman, Adler and gang earned 15 nods (which tied the show with "Housewives" for most nominations). Who, then, is the winner in "Gilmore" versus Emmy? Neither. "Gilmore" cannot receive any awards it so richly deserves, and no matter who wins an Emmy, the winner will not deserve the award as much as one of the "Gilmore Girls" camp.
May 18, 2004
Despite the fact that I am a man ... and straight ... and thirty-three ...

Gilmore Girls kicks ass!

I think the main reason is that there are two whole Gilmore girls. So, let's say you're watching a scene with one of the Gilmore girls and the scene ends, you don't have to worry because there's a whole other Gilmore girl left.

Another great reason is the Lauren Graham who has been on, I think, eight hundred failed sitcoms as well as an excelent guest spot on News Radio. She's tall and I think she may be insane but she's mine for, well, a couple minutes right before I go to sleep.

Kelly Bishop, the mother from Dirty Dancing. An excelent reason for people to watch the show.

And, finally, Liza Weil. Paris. They don't emphasize it very much on the show but she happens to have a huge and classically trained rack.

Gilmore Girls. There are two of them. A+
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