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Ginger & Rosa Quotes

  • Roland: You do realize that god is an invention ? Every man needs to struggle for his own authority.

  • Roland: There's a poetry in small spaces, isn't there?confinement can be utterly beautiful , but only if its a matter of choice .
    Rosa: What do you mean?
    Roland: Well , a prison cell ,on the contrary , is the ugliest expression of minimalism .

  • Ginger: I loved you Rosa. Don't you see? But we are different, you dream of everlasting love. Not me. Because what really matters is to live. And if we do, there will be nothing to forgive. But I'll forgive you anyway.

  • Ginger: When we were born, for some it was the end. Now it seems there may not be tomorrow. But despite the horror and the sorrow, I love our world. I want us all to live.

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