Ginger Snaps Reviews

September 25, 2018
The sharp feminist narrative makes up for the admirable but underwhelming werewolf makeup and other practical effects.
October 7, 2013
A smart, resourceful, and wickedly funny teen-horror film that reinvents the werewolf myth as a potent metaphor for pubescent angst and humiliation.
September 24, 2007
A quietly subversive my-sister-is-turning-into-a-werewolf movie that doesn't wimp out at the end.
June 24, 2006
This isn't just a good horror movie, it's a good movie. Period.
March 19, 2002
The ideas are thin, and the scene-by-scene execution of them is bumbling.
November 23, 2001
A superbly realized take on the perils of being different in a world that demands conformity.
November 13, 2001
It deserves a cult following among satire-loving, feminist-minded gore aficionados who appreciate a well-made human tail.
November 8, 2001
John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps cleverly links lycanthropy to vaginal flow.
October 26, 2001
Canada. Werewolves. It's the smartest and funniest scary movie in a long time -- and a true feminist horror film.
October 25, 2001
Fawcett is fundamentally a sly, dry satirist, with a distinct sensibility and a promising talent of his own.
October 23, 2001
The linkage between puberty and lycanthropy ... is imagined with enough savage wit to count as an act of genre resuscitation.
October 8, 2001
The best teenage werewolf movie ever made.
August 10, 2001
It's all downhill from there, but there is something efficiently creepy about the enclosed world of two alienated young women in suburbia.
June 29, 2001
Karen Walton's sharp screenplay is especially strong in the family scenes, allowing performances of Heavenly Creatures intensity from the young leads.
June 18, 2001
This is not just another monster movie. Ginger Snaps succeeds exactly because it is not 'just' anything.
June 7, 2001
A sparky, sharp film marked by intelligent dialogue.