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December 7, 2012
Altman even makes this look good. Plus the setting of Savannah helps. A great little performance from Robert Downey Jr. as well.
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½ May 5, 2011
There is so much wrong with "The Gingerbread Man" that it's no wonder Robert Altman was threatening to disown the film upon it's release. After a bitter fight with Universal over, well, the entire outcome of the film, Altman's sensibilities as a director are scarcely recognizable. Still, the film wouldn't have even been that great if Altman had complete control. The story, from John Grisham, is uninteresting and just plain bizarre. The acting is ham fisted and all those cheesy southern accents don't help, either. From the lame title, to the outlandish yet strangely pedestrian narrative, "The Gingerbread Man" is one of Altman's worst films. But then again, can you even call this a Robert Altman film?
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½ February 29, 2008
Altman concocts what may have been a good thriller, but forgets to add the thrills. This is certainly not his genre. Why show us somebody trying to make a phone call to someone and building it up so much when we know that person hasn't got there phone? Especially when it cuts back to the shot of the phone more than once. The cast are great and really manage to salvage what is quite an interesting script until the final twist.
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½ April 2, 2007
Sadly very underrated.
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½ May 2, 2011
One of the more interesting films I've seen lately, The Gingerbread Man is an above-average thriller, made so by the excellent direction of Robert Altman, who creates a very atmospheric film. The problem is with the script, whose plot is not befitting of the cast or the direction, it simply becomes too muddled. Still, Atlman's direction and the performances of the always enjoyable Robert Downey Jr. and the fantastic Kenneth Branagh make it worth while.
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January 20, 2010
People suggested that Altman mailed one in for this film which was viewed as being an attempt to make some money with a mainstream film but I really enjoyed the effort. I still remember to this day the scene with Branagh crying. It was one of the most real instances on film that I have seen.
½ March 3, 2009
Pretty unusual. It is nice to get a new twist on suspense and mystery. The chair got rather uncomfortable, but still held my ever expanding rear till the end.
November 14, 2008
Whatta piece of shit. I like Robert Downey Jr...but he really picks crappy roles. I pretty much guessed what would happen... I'm glad I didn't read the book this was based off of, I'd probably burn it and look into investing in some rope.
½ September 23, 2008
Altman in general is better at behavior and characterization than plot, which is why it's not one of his best. It's such a great cast though, and there are enough scenes that are riveting in their paperback-Grisham style that the weaker parts of the plot make it some good lawer-in-hell fun.
May 20, 2008
I thought this was a pretty solid legal drama/thriller. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but it was good.
½ April 23, 2008
nice plot twist - I smelled setup but didn't know who; she was closer to the bottom of the suspect list
April 2, 2008
Could have been better, could have been much better, but for what it is it isn't bad either.

I'm a Robert Downey Jr fan so I picked up this movie. Was disappointed at how little he was in it, but other than that and having to put up with some southern accents it wasn't awful.
November 6, 2007
You would think Gary Busey as the gingerbread man would be cool, or funny, or... something. But you would be wrong.
November 5, 2007
Great performances from the entire cast and wonderful direction from maestro Robert Altman turns a rather straightforward and predictable script into an entertaining and involving legal thriller. Not great by any stretch but it's still a good, efficient, and effective film. A must for Grishman fans, a rental for all others.
½ July 29, 2007
This should have been a good movie that made lots of money. It was not and it did not. Kenneth Branagh stars with Robert Downey Jr. based on a Grisham screenplay directed by Robert Altman. GOd this sucked even though Downey was entertaining in his part. Branagh's southern accent, which sounds a lot like his turn in Wild, Wild West, is only a century out of date. This movie fizzles into an incomprehensible mess.
May 17, 2007
Great cast and director, the story is an interesting one, so not too sure what happened. It's not a bad movie, but with the talent involved, it should have been a great movie. The pacing is uneven. Several scenes are very tense, others lack spark. Kenneth Branagh is very good.
½ September 18, 2006
Not particularly exciting thriller but the Altman style makes it interesting, along with good performances.
January 29, 2005
Hard to hold my interest. I was going to turn it off about half way through because I didnt really care how it ended but then it got better....the twists kicked in...then went down hill again for the ending.
January 5, 2015
The best and most underrated John Grisham film to date. It's based on an original story by Grisham.
½ December 26, 2014
The story is interesting and the acting up to an acceptable standard, but the thrills are so rare. Even the ending twist fails to surprise.
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