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½ July 5, 2012
Girl Seeks Girl (Sonia Sebastian, 2008)

...on the other hand, Girl Seeks Girl, a feature-length concatenation of clips from a Spanish web series, manages all the coherence, satire, wackiness, unpredictability, and downright fun that's lacking in Sugar Sweet (q.v.), though it is not without its problems. I assume most of those come from the fillmmakers feeling they needed to cut out what seems like it was probably about forty minutes of material for the feature release (if IMDB is to be believed, the entire uncut thing would have run just two hours and ten minutes), but some cannot be so easily explained away. Still, my main problem with it is relatively minor...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The film revolves around a group of characters, most of whom are either bisexual or lesbian, who move within the circle of Nines (Blue Days' Celia Freijero), a sexually agrressive bartender at a hopping lesbian club. Nines, though, is a protagonist only in spirit; this quickly becomes an ensemble romp as the writers follow whichever story seems the most interesting‚"the eagerness of new lesbian Ana (Anorexia's Almudena Gallego) to learn the ropes, which ends up putting someone in the hospital; everyone's terror at their memories of Eva Pino (Piedras' Carla Calparsoro), who loved her way through the entire group before jetting off to some exotic destination or other; dozens of others that weave in and out of the slices of these people's lives. The characters are rich, well-drawn, and fun to be around, and everyone involved was enthusiastic about making this. It comes through in every frame.

The film's biggest problem is that is ends so abruptly (as, presumably, the series did); even another ten minutes spent wrapping up a few old storylines would have been greatly appreciated. But then, by the time you get to that abrrupt ending, you've probably realized that with these folks there is much more of journey than there is of destination anyway; these are not lives that will be easily wrapped-up in American sitcom fashion. They're complex, they're messy, and they're exactly the type of people you'd have a ball hanging around with at the bar. This is immensely enjoyable stuff, and I do wish it had found its way to another season. *** ¬ 1/2
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