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The Girl in the Café (The Girl in the Cafe) Quotes

  • Lawrence: I juh-I just wondered if you might like to come. To Reykjavik.
    Gina: Reykjavik?
    Lawrence: Yeah, I'm-I'm moderately senior and we're allowed to bring wi-ives...and um, such like.

  • Lawrence: Isn't it wonderful the way there are absolutely no cabs in London at all nowadays? Perfect for dithering.

  • Lawrence: Perhaps it's a place about which everyone knows only one fact.

  • Lawrence: This is no place for coconutophobes.

  • Lawrence: [Calling Gina] Oh, hello. Ah- It-It-It-It's me, Lawrence. We, uh- [Gina speaking, unheard] Well, of-of course you remember. It-It was only... six hours ago. Yes, quite. You'd have had to have some sort of aneurysm or something to forget.

  • Gina: Was the pea soup disgusting?
    Lawrence: Inedible. I think there were at least two types of pea in there- one, the kind you don't usually put in food.

  • Lawrence: Yes, well, I don't really scrub up. No matter how hard I try. The more I scrub, the more you see the horror beneath.

  • Lawrence: Well, it was lovely, um, sitting directly opposite you.
    Gina: And you.
    Lawrence: I enjoyed the early diagonal bit as well, obviously.

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