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½ August 30, 2013
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March 20, 2013
In the midst of the Sapnish Civil War, the German government invites a Spanish film crew and cast to film a musical production, one in German and another in Spanish, of the Andalucian hit 'La Nina de tus Ojos'. The production gets always more troubled when they encounter the horrors of Hitler's rule and the avances of Goebbels on the female lead actress become from amusing to disturbing. The film awkwardly unravels from a comedy farce to a noir drama. But while the screenplay is a little inconsistent, the cast is talented and the art direction exceptional.
January 23, 2013
Silly farce of Spanish film crew under Goebbels is bright and amusing, but not as adept at more serious WWII context.
January 2, 2012
Penélope Cruz makes a very good play; away for that, very funny script, and impacing end. Good comedy but with really serious moments.
March 10, 2011
Funny but disconcerting Euronational movie about a Spanish troupe who flee the war in Spain only to land in Hitler's Germany in 1936. A Spanish "To Be or Not To Be" and Casablanca..
January 11, 2011
No es "Belle Epoque", pero se le acerca bastante. Aunque no hay batallas, se la recomiendo a los que les interese la historia de la Segunda Guerra.
October 28, 2010
Excelente comedia, muy inteligente, muy oscura, muy sarcástica y muy directa. Actuaciones muy buenas y un guión delirante.

Una película sitauada en la segunda guerra mundial en plena à (C)poca nazi, un grupo actoral prefirió viajar a la Alemania nazi que quedarse en la guerra civil española. El resultado fue casi caótico y es que las mentalidades son muy diferentes y así se ve.

Penà (C)lope siempre hace el mismo papel, pero definitivamente este es uno de sus mejores papeles y justamente el guión la señala a ella como la protagonista de un rol que ella posee muy bien.

Una muy buena película si quieres reir un rato y pasar un muy buen rato.
½ August 29, 2010
La niña de tus ojos

"Y viva la revolucion social, coño!"
Super Reviewer
½ July 28, 2010
One may wonder if "La niña de tus ojos" really deserves all the nominations and awards it got. It is not "Belle époque" and there are some obvious clichés but it's still a very enjoyable film. The colours are vibrant and the black humour is piquant though not everyone (especially the English-speaking audience, and Asian audiences not exposed to this sort of humour) may appreciate it. Of course, the fabulous Penelope Cruz will make one overlook whatever faults there are in the film. As usual, she's brilliant. The interplay of dialogue in Spanish, German and Russian is hilarious. Liked it very much.

And the humor is the best with your Spanish pique and darkly interesting the only thing is the ending but it surely resembles the endings in that time era they where!!

Without trying to offend anybody I have to agree with another reviewer in that an explanation for the bad reception of this film among the non-Spanish speakers reviewers was exactly that: Spanish is not their first language and this is sometimes, as another reviewer has pointed out, a difficult film to understand if you are not a native speaker. A full understanding of the dialogue would help to clarify some of the bizarre scenes in the film. It might not be the best script written by Rafael Azcona, without any doubt one of the best scriptwriters in the history of Spanish cinema, but at times it is hilarious. A better grasp of Spanish history and culture would also come quite handy. So what else can you say about Penelope Cruz in the scene where she dances and sings for Goebbels?. As one her shoe is missing, she unintentionally imitates Goebbles, as she approaches him in a frontal shot, who is lame.

Jokes on the Spanish fascist are more than just clichés. For example the cuckold Spanish ambassador played by Juan Luis Galiardo and his nymphomaniac wife, played by Maria Barranco. And the wisecracking remark made by the pro-fascist Spanish troupe leading man, Jorge Sanz, wooded by his German counterpart "Yo doy todo por mi patria menos mi culo", he would give anything for his country except his ass. They are both an amusing pisstaking on fascist patriotic macho culture. This subject of patriotism being a hot issue right now in Spain where the right-wing government of Aznar is endorsing the notion of "Patriotismo Constitucional" or Constitutional Patriotism developed by the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas. Unashamedly, the film upholds the necessity to produce espanoladas. As the film director Blas Fontiveros, played by Antonio Resines, remarks that the life of a Spanish hero has more relevance to Spanish audiences, as they feel more identified, than for example Al Capone's. 5 Spanish (espanoladas) films were, in fact, made in Nazi Germany. Two starred by Imperio Argentina and another 2 by Estrellita Castro both stars of the "cine folclorico espanol".

As already remarked by some reviewers the film copies scenes from other films, the most obvious being its final sequence, which is a rip off of the end of Casablanca, but to suggest that it is a carbon copy of such and such a film is pure overstatement and a rather facile critique of the film. Yet its politics are not at all convincing, not to say rather naïve. The introduction of the Russian Jewish character signals the fall of the film into sentimental humanism and vacuous romantic trifle from where the film does not recover. Nevertheless La Nina de tus Ojos has its charms too and I found it extremely funny. The cast is excellent (Penelope Cruz playing an andalusian, a role she had already done in Almodovar's "Todo Sobre mi Madre" as a prostitute). Resines and Sanz are a surprise as well as Santiago Segura. But special mention deserves Miroslav Táborský, playing Vaclav the interpreter. Subtle looks at Macarena tell of his unrequited love for her. His increasing fascination with Macarena moves him away from his non-interventionist stand to resignedly accept his fate by the end of the film, along with Fontiveros who is Macarena's lover, at the hands of the Nazi. Yet this is never overdone as the change of views underwent by the other characters towards the Nazi regime, in particular the case of Julian Torralba. This little subplot of the film is quite moving rather sentimental and its quiet essence contrast sharply with the bombardment of dialogue coming from the rest of the cast.

During the Spanish Civil War, a movie troupe goes from Spain to Berlin for a joint production with UFA. Besides the jealousies and sexual escapades of any movie set, culture and politics add to the tensions: they use Jewish and Gypsy prisoners as extras to give an Andalucian look, the director is sleeping with his ingénue with no intention of leaving his wife, and the ingénue cooperates with this Nazi project in hopes of freeing her father from one of Franco's jails. When Goebbels himself plies her with favors, the director and the rest of the crew encourage her to sleep with him for the good of the production. Does she have any options? Will anyone act unselfishly?

Corren los años 40. Una modesta compañía de cineastas españoles abandona la España de Franco trasladándose a la Alemania de Hitler, para realizar una película coproducida entre ambos países. Se trata de un musical de ritmos andaluces protagonizado por la actriz Macarena Granada y dirigido por Blas Fontiveros. El contraste de ideologías entre españoles y alemanes es bastante marcado, y ello no tarda en hacerse notar

During the Spanish Civil War, a group of filmmakers travel to Berlin to film a version of a hit Andalusian musical production. But things turn sour when the movie's leading lady (Penelope Cruz) befriends a concentration camp prisoner who's working as an extra in the film and tries to help him escape. Forget about the film -- now, the whole crew may have trouble getting out of Germany alive!
April 18, 2010
Fun and offbeat film. Doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy or drama and shifts between both genres throughout. Gets increasingly offbeat and rushed near the end, but is still worth watching. Strong performances from all involved and a great soundtrack.
½ September 16, 2009
Penelope cruz is brilliant in this movie and has a good try at the andalucian accent which works mostly. Overall its an enjoyable movie with some humour. I would definitely recommend this movie.
½ May 6, 2009
El guion es imposible, y eso hace que la peli se desinfle. Penelope genial, y muchos actores haciendonos reir con sus ocurrencias. Tiene su gracia, entretiene, y si te olvidas que la historia no hay quien se la crea. Filmada con oficio, y preciosa fotografia de Aguirresarobe (una vez mas...)
April 17, 2009
muy buena pelicula, me ha gustado mucho :) triste y graciosa a la vez
March 14, 2009
Penelope esta estupenda al igual que la dirección de arte la historia es un tanto pintoresca dentro de todo lo posible nunca había visto una producción así
½ December 25, 2008
Excellent movie. A mixture of wit, comedy, romance and history. I enjoyed every part of it.
February 22, 2008
I love Spanish comedies, I miss them so much since I left Spain
½ February 21, 2008
A fun colourful movie including a host of larger-than-life characters. Lots of ironic situations and comedic one liners that add flavour to this unique story
½ January 25, 2008
I borrowed this at the library in desperate search for a Spanish-speaking film. It was a blast, both funny and thought-provoking. And the extras on the DVD were nice, especially about the tricks with the painted sets.
December 19, 2007
Excellent film which places a completely different spin on things going on in Germany during WWII... Not to mention swooning over Srta. Cruz...
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