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Girlfight Quotes

  • Adrian: Why do you train with Hector?
    Diana: You mean at all?
    Adrian: Yeah.
    Diana: Because I want to.
    Adrian: Aren't you afraid of gettin' hurt?
    Diana: What, and you're not?
    Adrian: No, it's just - It's a dangerous sport.
    Diana: I didn't make the cheerleading team.

  • Veronica: I didn't do nothing!
    Diana: Except be your stinky stanky self!

  • Hector: Inside you know yourself?
    Diana: I do
    Diana: I do.
    Hector: Then thats all you need
    Hector: Then that's all you need.

  • Adrian: No, you're sweet.

  • Diana: Sweet? That's funny. I've always thought of myself as salty.

  • Adrian: I'm gonna turn pro and I'm gonna move far away from here. Someplace where I'm not gonna get killed doing my laundry.

  • Diana: All these years, you just looked right through me.

  • Adrian: (to Diana).. My life with you is war.
    Adrian: (to Diana) My life with you is war.

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